Monday, November 14, 2016

Spicy Shenvo / Sev.

Spicy Shenvo / Sev ....... A must snack during Diwali and all other times too which goes well with Rulav / Upma, Poha etc ........

Shenvo or sev is a snack almost every Indian knows off and must have relished it at some time or the other. Sev / Shenvo (konkani), Namkeen are all crispy deep fried snacks prepared from gram flour (besan) similar in looks to thin noodles Or should I say noodles look like Sev as noodles I think came on much later while sev, shevai have been here for over a century. It is prepared with the help of pressing machine that comes with various sized hole attachment plates. These help in preparing the Sev in different thickness. The spiciness depends on individual taste. Sev is a must in many Indian homes to serve along with upma, poha etc. they combine very well together. We GSB Saraswats always have our Upma or Poha with Sev as an accompaniment. Its also the basic ingredient in preparation of various types of chaat’s, bhel puri, sev puri to name a few. Many types of Sev’s are prepared with variations nowadays. Different types of flours with spices are used for the same eg. Nachani, Jwari, palak, tomato, etc. Will keep sharing as and when I prepare them. So keep watching this space. And yes plz. Send in your feed backs via mail or in comment section. You can also find me in Facebook Pg. here the link to the same.

This one is my Mom’s standard recipe measurements and for this particular sev I have not made in any changes. I prepared it the same way my Mom does, which really turns awesome. All you need is about a kg of Besan / Bengal gram flour, 50 less spicy green chillies, 2 tblsp of Ajwain / Vonvo / Oam, 1 tblsp of jeera, 2 tblsp of prepared hing water or 3 tsp of hing powder and salt to taste.

In a mixer grinder grind coarsely chillies, ajwain, jeera, hing powder / prepared hing water with one cup of water. Remove, mix in another cup of water and sieve through a fine sieve. Do not grind to a smooth paste as then some of the particles may get sieved through and we do not want that. If particles of the spices sieve through then it will be difficult for the Sev to get pressed and if done it may splutter in oil. In preparation of Sev, we need only the flavours and spiciness of the ground ingredients. So remember to grind coarsely and sieve it through a very fine sieve.

In a large flat bowl add in the besan / bengal gram flour, make a dent in the center and add in sieved ground water. Add salt to taste and mix well. Add in extra water as and when you knead. The dough should be very smooth like that of the texture of butter. 

Now heat plenty of oil in a thick bottomed kadai and bring to smoking point. Let cool a little bit by lower the heat a little bit only. Now put enough kneaded dough into the Sev pressing machine. Raise the heat of oil and press out the Sev directly into the hot oil through a distance of about 10-12 inches height. Be careful while you do so. You should press the machine and at the same time take your hand in a circular motion as per the size of the kadai and when one round is completed, just tilt the pressing machine side-wards and take it away from the kadai and keep it aside. 

The Sev get cooked fast so, with a slotted (ringed) spoon / spatula just press it a bit and immediately flip it over and cook the other side for a minute or so. Do not overcook else the Sev will get burnt. Remove immediately and put it on an absorbent paper for excess oil to drain off. The Sev should not be allowed to be broken to pieces / bits which will then be difficult to remove from oil. Leave it as it is in a round large circles, remove and allow to cool and only then break it to pieces. 

Continue preparation of Sev in similar pattern by pressing it directly into the kadai till all the dough is over. Remember to not lower the heat. The heat should constantly remain the same temperature. The heat should be hot or else the Sev will be soggy or oily. With practice you will learn the procedure. I have added in step by step picture. But if in still doubt you can watch any You Tube Video for the visual procedure and understand the knack of preparing the same. Do try it out. Its very easy. Will be posting many combos of the same soon. Till then take care, prepare this one and enjoy with family and friends.

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