Friday, October 7, 2016

Chilled Apple Dry Fruits Milk Shake.

"Chilled Apple Dry Fruits Milk Shake" .......... It's simply fantastic to be back with my most favourite posting ...... Yeah ...... You got it right ........ Juice's and Milk Shake's ..... With Navaratri comes the making of different types of Milk Shake's and Fruit Juices ........ So here is a special one for all of you ....... my dear friends for those who are fasting and also for those who are not .......... Chilled Apple Dry Fruits Milk Shake ...... a full on healthy drink ....... Go ahead and Enjoy .......

This one is really a simple milk shake if you have some dry fruits and apple ready with you. I have however, taken a short cut and added in Fresh Homemade Milk Masala Powder along with other ingredients which made my work of grinding of dry fruits that much easier. I always prepare milk masala powder and keep it my fridge as it is a time saver and comes in handy many times. Also if guests drop in at vague time, then serving masala doodh / milk is much faster and less time consuming. But you can prepare the same by adding in fresh dry fruits too. Just go by your instinct and add in any dry fruits that you desire. The dry fruits however should be soaked in hot milk for 15-20 minutes for easier grinding of the same.

Soak handful of raisins in half cup of hot milk along with 3 tblsp of milk masala powder for 30 minutes. If using khajoor / dates then add about 10 – 15 to the same milk and increase the quantity of the milk to 1 cup. I added dates syrup hence left out this step. You may add in syrup if available instead of seedless dates too as I did. 

Peel off the skin of one large sized apple and chop them to small pieces. Put them in a mixer grinder along with 1 cup of chilled milk. Add in the soaked raisins and milk masala powder. Now add in 2 tblsp of dates syrup or the soaked dates whichever method you have chosen. I added in the syrup. If adding dates syrup there is not need to add in sugar as the date syrup already contains sugar in it, otherwise add in sugar as per individual taste. 

Blend the mixture to a very smooth paste. Lastly add in 1 tblsp of thick beaten cream to the mixture and blend along with some crushed ice till done. Check the sweetness of the apple milk shake, if desired you may add in a little bit of sugar, I have not. Serve Chilled Apple Dry Fruits Milk Shake immediately in tall glasses. 

** Note : In case you do not have milk masala powder readily available with you, you can just add in a tablespoon each of cashewnuts pista, almonds and 2-3 cardamoms with a pinch of kesar / saffron. 

** For the Fresh Homemade Milk Masala Powder Recipe, Please follow the link given below ....... 

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