Monday, September 14, 2015

Apple Patholi And Cheppi Kheeri.

Apple Patholi And Cheppi Kheeri for Today's Naivedyam .....

Patholi and Kheeri are two dishes cooked and offered to God as Naivedyam both during Nagpanchami and Ganapathi. For a change in taste and just to make a variation I had prepared Apple patholi. The basic recipe remained the same while I just added cooked and mashed apple to the inner filling.

Kheeri is another dish which is enjoyed by all at my place. This is rice cooked in coconut milk adding turmeric leaves, which are abundantly available during monsoon season. The turmeric leaves are so aromatic that, which ever dish is cooked using this, the aroma not only fills the whole home, but also roams out and lets everybody know its presence. 

For the Recipe of Apple Patholi, Please refer to the link given below …….

For the Recipe of Cheppi Kheeri, Please refer to the link given below ………

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