Sunday, June 10, 2018

Cold~Cocoa Coffee.

“Cold~Cocoa Coffee” … How about a break with this chilled cold coffee with cocoa flavor … The weather is somewhat so~so neither too hot nor a pleasant one … but the humidity is slightly higher … so enough reason to sip on this and enjoy a lovely evening … 

** Summer time and cold coffee is always a welcome drink to quench the thirst. I avoid these as they are loaded with calories but sometimes the heart says just once more. Yes .. yeh dil mange more, but deemag bole nahin. Having said it, a little bit once in a way is fine as long as you balance the remaining items of the day. Without running into much details on the cold coffee as everybody knows about it, I will just say that I ended this summer with this chilled cold coffee to which I also added some cocoa. Summer in Mumbai has come to an end and it has started raining, so the joy of drinking cold drink for some time ends here while hot appetizer start on. So enjoy this chilled drink and lets join for some more when the season ends. 

** The recipe for “Cold~Cocoa Coffee” is very simple, I prepared this with addition of Milkmaid (evaporated sweetened milk) and skimmed milk … Here is the method … 

** Add into a mixer blender 1 cup of milkmaid along with 2 cups of skimmed milk, 2 tsp of coffee instant coffee powder and 1 tblsp of cocoa powder. Now blend together till all the ingredients are well blended. Check the taste and add on some sugar if needed, I have not. 

** Note : You can add on full fat milk too and it tastes much more creamier and tastier than when skimmed milk is added, but I have used skimmed milk to cut down on too much calories. The choice is individual. 

** Now add on some ice cubes and once again run the mixer for another 2 minutes till the mixture is slightly frothy. Now immediately pour them in tall glasses to which you can add in a few ice cubes. You can also add in a few drop of vanilla essence if you like, I have not as I prefer the aroma of coffee in cold coffee drinks. 

** “Cold~Cocoa Coffee” is done and ready to be served. Serve them in tall glasses, with some ice cubes if you like. You can also serve them in small glasses, if you do not want to consume them more as they are high in calories. Enjoy this coolant before the summer ends with your family and friends and do give me a feedback via email or leave in a comment. 

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