Sunday, June 17, 2018

A Tribute to My Dad.

Happy Father's Day ... We miss you Dad ... 
Stay Happy in your Heavenly Abode

I Miss You Dad, It's been 20 long years since you left us ... 
the void you left can never be filled … 
Happy Father's Day ... Love you...

I know I have a wonderful angel in heaven …
Watching over me all the time …
And yes …… He’s my DAD ….. 
He’s been doing that for nearly 20 years now ….
I will always miss you Dad…. 
Your guidance, your love, your support, your presence, 
For inspiring my life, for giving me love,
For being forgiving, affectionate, kind and caring
I can still sometimes hear you voice ringing in my ears
Giving me guidance at difficult times, supporting me all the time.
I can feel your presence and your love when I sit and brood all alone
There are times when I also feel your hands on my head 
Blessing me, trusting me and being with me through 
Both happy and tough times.
Our lives may go on without you, But nothing is the same any more,
We have to hide our heartaches, When someone speaks your name.
Sad are the hearts today that loved you, Silent are the tears that fall,
Living our lives without you, Has been the hardest part of all,
You did so many things for us, Your heart was kind and true,
And when we needed someone, We could always count on you.
Those special years will not return, When we were all together,
But with love within our hearts, You will walk with us Dear Dad …. Forever.
You may have gone, But you will always live within us.

We can shed tears that you are gone 
Or choose to smile coz. You had lived,
We can close our eyes and pray that you will come back 
Or we can open our eyes and see all the good things you have left.
Our hearts may be empty because we cannot see you
Or we can choose to share all love you showered on us
We can pretend to turn our back on tomorrow and live on yesterday
Or we can be happy for all the tomorrow’s that you gave us yesterday
We can remember you and only that you have gone
Or we can cherish the memories and let it live on
We can cry, close our mind, be empty and turn our backs
Or we can choose to do what you would want us to do
You are the Best Dad Ever and If I could just turn back the clock 
Moreover, speak to you just one more little time 
I would then tell you that you would be my only choice 
To have as “MY DAD” ….. 
all over again in all my lives’ if there is any more ...

Thank You Dad … For being the best Dad in the world
.... Your Little Girl ... Gayathri Pai (Manna) ...

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