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Tingalavro~Kadgi~Bimbula ghalnu Koddel / White Beans~Raw Jackfruit~Bimbli Curry.

Tingalavro / Tingalavare ~ Kadgi ~ Bimbula ghalnu Koddel / White Beans ~ Raw Jackfruit ~ Bimbli Spicy Curry Seasoned With Garlic …. Goes very well with both White Rice or Red Boiled Rice ...

Koddel is a famous Konkani Saraswat dish that can be prepared with many combination both with veggies and pulses or beans … Tingalavro or white beans also called poona val is very famous among South Indians and is extensively used in cooking dishes. Different types of dishes are prepared and enjoyed with the same. I have included so many combinations of koddel in my Blog. So just go to search option and give koddel and you will get entire list of them. There many yummy combinations. This one is one of the favourite of not only all Amchies but also in my home. Here is the awesome recipe of Tingalavro and kadgi koddel with addition of Bimbul. Again bimbul if not available can always be skipped and instead just tamarind added to the masala while grindng. However, if bimbul is available to you, do add in the same it imparts a lovely flavour to the curry.

Ingredients :
Tingalavro / white Beans : 2 cups
Raw Jackfruit / Kadgi : 200 gms.
Bimbul : 4-5 large size
Coconut : 1 cup heaped
Red dried Kashmiri chillies : 8-10
Salt to taste

For Tempering :
Oil : 2 tsp
Garlic : 12- 15 cloves

** Wash and soak tingalavro / white beans overnight in plenty of water. Pick the pulse properly before soaking, as sometime they tend to have stones. Next day wash again in plenty of water and drain of the water. 

** Put the tingalavro / white beansn a pressure cooker adding enough of water. The level of water should reach about ¼ inch above the beans in the cooker. Pressure cook to 3 – 4 whistles. Remove, keep aside and let cool. When the pressure drops from the cooker and you are able to remove the lid add the white beans into a stainless steel vessel along with the water in which the it was cooked. 

** In my locality we get the raw jackfruit all cleaned and cut into huge chunks while purchasing. But if you don’t get it, just slice off the spiked skin portion of the jackfruit and the center pith and then cut them to pieces. See to it that you oil your hands and the knife as jackfruit is sticky and has a rubber like liquid oozing out while cutting the same. Cut them into pieces, wash well and put them in a pressure cooker pan with enough water to cook the same. Again see to it that you brush some oil on the inside of the pressure cooker to prevent the jackfruit from sticking to the base of the cooker pan. 

** Pressure cook the jackfruit to one whistle only. It does not take much time in cooking and we don’t want it too mashed up. So plz. be careful while adding the water. About one cup is more than enough. Let the pressure drop on its own. Once able to open the lid, do so and allow to cool a little bit. 

** Masala to be ground : Grind to a fine paste freshly grated coconut with kashmiri red chillies. If not adding in bimbul to the curry add in a small marble sized tamarind while grinding. Grind the masala with the retained cooked water of white beans. The masala should be really smooth and fine. Remove and keep ready.

** Add the cooked jackfruit pieces to the cooked white beans in the vessel. Snip off the ends of the bimbul and cut them into 1 inch rings and add them also into the vessel. Now add the ground masala to the cooked ingredients in the vessel. Mix the masala well, add in water if necessary to bring to a thick gravy consistency. Add salt to taste and bring to a boil. Lower the heat to medium and simmer for 5-10 minutes. The bimbul will have cooked by then if not simmer for another 5 mins. Remove and keep aside. 

** For Tempering : Heat oil in a small kadai. Crush the garlic and add in to the hot oil and fry till evenly browned. Pour this over the curry and cover with a tight lid. Do not peel off the garlic completely you can keep on a little bit of the skin to it. It tastes awesome as the skin imparts more flavour to the curry.

** Keep the curry aside for 10-15 minutes covered, for the flavours to seep in properly into the curry. The curry is now ready to be served. Serve the koddel hot with rice / ukada rice (Red boiled rice) or roti. You can serve this dish with Idly too. Enjoy this dish with your family and friends. 

** Note : If Raw Jackfruit is not available, the same can always be prepared with the addition of Suran / Yam / chinese potato (kooka) or any other veggie of your choice. Also if adding in Bimbul or karmbal do not add in tamarind while grinding the masala. 

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