Thursday, March 30, 2017

Special Gudi Padva ~ Ugadi Thali 30.

Wishing All My Friends A Happy And Prosperous Ugadi / Gudi Padwa / New Year 2017 …. God Bless All …. Enjoy …..

About this Festival : Ugadi / Gudi Padwa marks the beginning of the year for Hindus. This year it falls on the date of 28-29th of March 2017. I have already blogged the details of this special day for Hindus in my Blog last year during the festive season. So without running into the details I am posting the link of the same at the bottom for those interested to catch on about the traditional day. Also on this Auspicious Day ....... Wishing all my friends a Happy And Prosperous Year ahead with Health, Wealth And Happiness .... God Bless All. 

Here is the list of dishes that I prepared this year, some of the items prepared are the same as years pass by, as we do follow certain tradition in preparation of food items. Some I have changed as per our liking at home. Her is the list of the items …. I have numbered them for easier reference ….. 1. Cucumber (Kakdi) Salad, 2. Beetroot Upkari (Bhaji), 3. Bibbo~Tendle Upkari (Cashewnut~Ivy Gourd Bhaji), 4. Chane~Kooka Gashi (Black Chana~Chinese Potato Curry), 5. Dalitoy (Spiced Tuvar Dal), 6. Coriander~Coconut Chutney, 7. Urad Rice Idly made in tumbler, 8. Madgane (Chana Dal Payasam) 9. Rasvodo (Rice Vadas), 10. Matta (Spiced Buttermilk), 11. Black Grapes, 12. Ripe Jackfruit (Ponosu), 13. Limbiya Nonche (Lemon Pickle), 14. Raw Banana Bajo (Bajia), 15. Gula (Green Brinjal) Bajo (Bajia), 16. Patrado (Colocasia Leaves masala vadi), 17. Donne Mirsanga (Capsicum) Bajo (Bajia), 18. Cauliflower Bajo (Bajia), 19. Large Green Chilly (Jalapeno / Mirsanga) Bajo (Bajia), 20. Chane~Tomato Saar, 21. Rice. That’s it 21 items in all .….. Go ahead and Enjoy …

** All the items mentioned above on the list of preparations are already prepared and posted before in the blog. By and large these are the items we usually prepare during this festival, in particular. Some changes here and there are always there as per the region and the likes and dislikes of people. Also sometimes the availability of the ingredients too depend upon the making of certain dishes. Please go through the search column or in the list on the right hand side of the blog for the recipes. If still not able to find any particular recipe, please contact me via mail, or leave a comment on my Blog or Facebook page for the same and I will def. attend the same as soon as possible.

** To read about Ugadi / Gudi Padwa Celebrations, Please follow the link given below ….

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