Thursday, March 16, 2017

Mixed Rice ~ Moong Dal Bhakri With Hirwya Mirchi ~ Dhania Cha Thecha.

Mixed Rice ~ Moong Dal Bhakri With Hirwya Mirchi ~ Dhania Cha Thecha ….. My very own combination of Bhakri with addition of Moong dal to mixture of different types of rice …… A wonderful combination of  ..... Rice Bhakri prepared in Konkani Saraswat Method and served with ..... Spicy Chutney prepared in Maharashtrian Method …… Yumz .... 

The preparation of bhakri differs from state to state. However, the basic method is the same that is the patting of the thick batter on tava or on a surface and then putting it on tava. We GSB Konkani Saraswat’s prepare rice bhakri, by soaking rice and then grinding it to fine rava texture without much water along with freshly grated coconut. The same is then patted directly on hot tava carefully to round shape bhakri and fried on both sides. This is served hot with chutney, ravo, home made butter. The other one is of rava / wheat cream which also is in similar lines. Ukda rice / red boiled rice is mainly used for this preparation of rice bhakri. I have posted the same before a few times with different combination. Today I wanted to change the preparation a little bit so I prepared the bhakri with the addition of mixed rice and moong dal. I must say the bhakri turned out really yummy. To add on to the pleasure of enjoying the bhakri I had prepared Hirwya Mirchi ~ Dhaniya Cha Thecha … A spicy dry chutney sort of a dish that is very famous with Maharashtrians. They serve the same with Jawari or Bajra Bhakri / Roti. Thanks to my friend Suresh Sawantji who was kind enough to pass on the authentic recipe of thecha. I made some very minute changes to suit our taste that’s all. The combination of really wonderful and this recipe is really for keeps. Here is the recipe for the Bhakri …. Do prepare this one and enjoy with the spicy thecha with family and friends.

Wash and soak together 1 cup of ukda rice + 1 cup of Idly rice + 1 cup of surti kolam rice + 1 cup of moong dal in plenty of water for 5-6 hrs. Wash again with plenty of water and then grind to a coarse texture with 1 cup of freshly grated coconut (white part only) to a fine rava texture. Add salt to taste and mix well. Do not add more water. Grind the paste with as little water as possible. The ground rice should be thick enough to form round balls when you roll in between your palms. These are supposed to be made immediately once you grind the paste. However if you need to remove it the next day, refrigerate it immediately and remove it from the fridge well in advance to bring it to a little bit of room temperature before you proceed to make the bhakri.

For Making of Bhakri : Heat a tava to smoking point and then reduce the heat to minimum. Take cricket ball sized amount of ground thick batter, rolling it like a ball in your hand and then keep it in the center of the tava. Pat it gently with hands on a hot tava directly to form small round evenly levelled bhakri. Be careful while doing this to prevent your hand from getting hurt / burnt. Keep dipping you hand in water before you pat the bhakri, this is necessary to avoid the bhakri paste from sticking your palms and also give it a nice round shape. The same can be done on a plastic sheet if one is not confident on making the bhakri directly on tava. Use a clean plastic sheet to make the bhakri, rub is over with little bit of water and repeat the method in the same way as you would have done it on the tava, once you get nice small round bhakri gently / slowly remove it seeing to it that the bhakri does not crack up or break and put on a hot tava. 

Pour some oil on all sides of the bhakri. Let cook on medium heat till cooked on the bottom side and the paste on the upper portion does not stick to your hand when you touch gently. Now pour a little bit oil on top side and slowly flip over the bhakri and cook on the other side too. Do not overcook as the bhakri should remain soft but firm and not crisp nor should it get burnt on any side. The size of the bhakri depends on individual liking. You can make bigger bhakri too, Just take more ground paste for the same. If making small sized ones you can put 5-6 bhakri on tava at a time. You can serve the bhakri hot with butter, jaggery ravo, pickle or any spicy dish if you wish. But this bhakri is usually served with home made butter or jaggery ravo. I however, served this this time with Hirwya Mirchi ~ Dhania Cha Thecha a spicy dry chutney sort, a famous Maharashtrian dish. 

** For the Hirwya Mirchi – Dhaniya Cha Thecha Recipe, Please follow the link given below … 

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