Saturday, January 23, 2016

Prawns Tomato Bhaat.

Spicy Prawns Tomato Bhaat With Cucumber Carrot Raita ...... A Tomato Bhaat with a difference, the prawns added gave it a different level in taste .....

Wash and soak 2 cups of basmati or jeera rice in plenty of water for 30 minutes. Wash once again and let drain in a colander. Keep this ready aside.

Remove the skin, head and devein about 25 – 30 large sized prawns. Wash them in plenty of water and keep them ready.

Wash, wipe and chop 3-4 tomatoes into chunks. Put them in a mixer grinder, add 1 tblsp of soya sauce (Optional) and grind to a smooth paste. Remove and keep aside ready.

Peel and chop finely 15-20 large garlic cloves. Keep this ready aside. Also keep 4 cups of water for boiling.

Now in a thick bottomed kadai, add ½ cup of ghee. When hot, lower the heat and add in the chopped garlic and fry on low heat till lightly colour changes, immediately add in the cashews and fry both till light brown in colour, now add 10-12 cloves, 1 tsp black pepper corns, 2-3 green cardamoms – slit, 3-4 Black cardamoms – slit, 2 bay leaves and a few curry leaves fry for a few minutes then add 1 tsp haldi powder and 3-4 tsp kashmiri red chilly powder. 

Fry all on low heat for a minute and then add in the prawns, a pinch of salt and mix well. Sprinkle some water if too dry. Cook only for a minute or two by now the prawns will have cooked 60%, add in the ground tomato and rice. Now add the boiling water and salt to taste and bring all to a boil on high heat. Let it boil for 2-3 minutes, then lower the heat to minimum and cover with a tight lid. Let cook till done. Remove from fire and wait for 15-20 minutes before serving the Spicy Prawn Tomato Bhaat. 

Now it is ready to be served. Serve this bhaat with some raita or curds. 

For cucumber Carrot Raita : Peel off the skin of 2 cucumbers and chop it fine. Peel of the skin of 2 medium sized carrot and grate it. Mix both cucumber and carrots in a bowl. To this add one cup of beaten thick curds and 3-4 chopped green chillies. Add salt to taste mix well and serve with the Spicy Prawn Tomato Bhaat. You can season this raita with mustard seeds and curry leaves too.

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