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Nerval~Solla Pakli Virshe (Brewed Tree Bark Infusion / Tea).

“Nerval (Rukka Salleche)~Solla Pakli Virshe’ (Brewed Tree Bark Infusion /Tea) seasoned with Garlic” …This is a Infusion / Tea of Inner Particular Tree bark pieces with the addition of mildly flavored spices and seasoned with Garlic … It's given mostly after delivery to the Mother for recuperation of health … But the same can be consumed by anybody, as it is overall beneficial for health specially for "Back or Neck" pain or for improving blood circulation … The credit goes to my Mother, who insisted I try this out for my back and neck pain and post the same in my Blog and my Sister who sent it to me … Again I have no knowledge of what it is called in English, so plz. do excuse and if anybody knows plz. do let know … Yumz ... 

** Virshe’ (Konkani name) as familiar with Konkani Saraswat’s is actually a brewed / infusion of herbs or barks of certain tree or even flowers or leaves as well as spices that is given a lot of importance in Ayurveda. I have no knowledge of what exactly it’s called in other regions or religions. The main purpose of consumption of virshe’ is for improving general health. Many a times ailments like indigestion, body aches, cough, common cold, Vata, pitta are treated by this method. Certain types of Virshe’ are prepared and given to women in the morning after oil bath, after delivery for recuperation of health. There are many more prepared with leaves and barks of tree. I have a few of them, but unfortunately, I am not able to access their names in any other language than konkani. I had delayed this post hoping to come across the name, but could not find out the same. If anyone who reads this is aware of the names please do pass on the information to me, I would be highly obliged. Do keep in touch here if interested in Kashay’s and Virshe’s, more to follow. 

** I have posted Kashaya for common cold and cough using spice ingredients before. This one is actually called Virshe’ which is prepared using herbs. I have used a bark of the tree called nerval and these are particularly for the bone and nerves of the body. My Mother knows a lot about Virshe’ and kashaya and she insisted that I have this one coz. of my sever back and neck pains. However, do visit your Doctor for any pain that lasts more than 24 hours as it is not advisable to neglect the same or try treating it with home remedies. This was purchased by my sister in Mangalore and my Mother brought the same and taught me the procedure of preparing it. Very easy and not laborious at all, however needs to be prepared and kept overnight for infusion. Again, do remember to drink Vrishe’ always steaming hot and in limits. One small glass is enough and do not exceed the quantity and as it produces heat to the body. Virshe’ should always be had in doses/sipped and not gulped like soups. Also, you may take this say once in a week or 10 days for health benefits and not every day. So, plz. take note of the same.

** Edited on 30th March 2019 .... I had promised that when I come across the English name for this particular bark of tree, I will share the information here. Thanks to my friend Nandini Kamath who found out the same for me and informed me that "Narval is known as Agnimantha in English". Nandini owns a Ayurvedic Medicines Stores in Mangalore by the Name of  New Ganpaya Ramdas Ayurvedic Stores, Car Street, Mangalore where you will find all ayurvedic ingredients. 

** Note : Remember these little points while preparing the Virshe’ … 

1  Always use Stainless steel vessel for cooking Virshe’ as we do not want to risk any metal infusion with theVirshe’. 

2  Boiling and simmering should be done without covering the vessel ie in open. 

3  Keep in mind that after reaching boiling point, the same should not be reduced in boiling form, but should be simmered on medium to slow heat

4 Always use coarse powder / or crushed pieces and do not grind the powder or the spices to fine texture. 

** Here is my Method of preparing the “Nerval~Solla pakli Virshe” I, learnt from my Mother …. 

** Add about 10-12, 3 inch length pieces of the nerval tree bark (picture of the same is attached here) in a stainless steel vessel after cleaning it off dirt if any. Also slightly, crush it with a heavy stone before adding it into the vessel, this helps in releasing the healing properties within the tree bark. Add in 6 cups of water. Keep this to boil on high flame, once it come to boil, lower the heat to minimum and let it simmer until the water has reduced to almost half quantity or for a good 20 minutes. DO NOT BOIL ON HIGH FLAME, IT HAS TO BE SIMMERED. Remove, cover, and keep this aside for 6-8 hours or overnight for the same to be well infused. Next morning strain the same through either a very fine sieve or a fresh, clean muslin cloth into another stainless steel vessel. 

** To be dry roasted : Roast on a very low flame 2 tsp of Ovam (ajwain / vonvo) + 1 tsp of Jeera (cumin seeds) + 12-15 black pepper corns … till you get a nice aroma. 

** Note : Roasting on Low heat is very important. The ingredients should not be browned or over roasted, else it will turn bitter. Always prepare this powder fresh by roasting, powdering and grinding. Do not prepare in bulk and preserve. 

** To be ground : Put the roasted ingredients into a dry mixer jar and run the mixer till you get a semi coarse powder. Once it is done, add in little by little the strained infused nerval infusion / tea water and grind to a paste. Use only little water. Remove and add the ground paste to the remaining strained water and add in a little bit of water if necessary. Do not add excess water. In all you should get about 2-3 cups of the prepared Virshe’. 

** Add 2-3 pieces of Solla pakli or Dried kudampuli or Dried kokam (Any one) and bring to a boil. Lower the heat, add salt to taste (do not add more salt) and simmer for few minutes while you prepare for the tempering. You can add any one out of the three written above, I added solla pakli, but if not available you have a choice between the other two. 

** Note : Solla pakli / kudampuli / kokam are added to impart tangy (Tart) taste, while they are really good for health too. I have no idea why this infusion / decoction is prepared this way. You can add any one of the three mentioned above. I have no idea of what solla pakli is called in English. But, in Mangalore we get it at Ganpayya and Sons near Car Street Flower Market. Kudampuli also known as Black Kokum Mangostine is available in all South Indian Stores, extensively used in curries by South Indian's especially from Kerala and is similar to kokum. Kokam is again that fruit which is extensively used throughout India especially in the state of Maharashtra and is known to almost all Indian's. So out of the three, Kokum is sure to be available to you, but the traditional Virshe’ is prepared using Sollapakli. 

** For Tempering : Heat 1 tsp of pure homemade ghee in a small pan, when melted and hot add in 8-10 freshly crushed with skin garlic and fry for a few minutes. Add it to the simmering Virshe’. 

** Note : Please use fresh homemade ghee for tempering the Virshe’ and DO NOT USE OIL. This Virshe’ is exclusively for health benefit and YOU HAVE TO USE GHEE and oil is simply No-No. 

** Note : If you do not like adding of the garlic cloves with skin, you may peel off the skin and fry the garlic cloves too. However, the skin of garlic has lots of health properties, not to forget the excellent aroma it imparts. Also chewing the garlic added into the Virshe’ with skin is more beneficial to health. So it is entirely upto you how you add on the garlic. 

** “Nerval (Rukka Salleche)~Solla Pakli Virshe’ (Brewed Tree Bark Infusion /Tea) seasoned with Garlic” Is done and ready to be served. Serve this steaming hot, after removing with a spoon the added on Solla pakli (kudampuli or kokam). Tastes awesome especially during winter and monsoon. Enjoy the health benefits of the infusion of tree barks by sharing the same with your family. Remember not to drink Virshe’ in excess also be careful not to give it much to children, a little bit is fine. One small glass is sufficient and the same should consumed only once in a day, once a week or 10 days, That’s it, it produces heat to the body, so be careful …. Wishing all my friends, a healthier life … will be adding many more soon. 

** Disclaimer : Please Do excuse if there are some mistakes or some important points left out in this particular method of Virshe’. It is not intentional. I have written it to the best of my knowledge and if any of you know something more that I have missed out on, please be kind enough to send me a mail or leave a comment on the same. Also this is not a remedy for treating of pains by yourself, please do consult your Doctor for the cause and get treated immediately. This will just help ease the normal pains one has and not a complete cure. Thank you. 

** You can use the search option for "Virshe or Kashaya" where you will get many more combinations of the same prepared using different ingredients. Do try out various types of the kashayam and enjoy health benefits with your family and friends. Do share in these little tip with your friends and spread the knowledge of home remedies for minor ailments. 

** An Earnest Request : There are many more recipes of similar type in the blog. For all my Recipes, use the search option or the label section in the Blog. If you are still not able to find it please leave a message in comment section or mail me the same. You can also go to my page (add on the left side of blog) and leave a message and I will try my best to get back to you as soon as possible … Thank you.

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