Sunday, June 24, 2018

Urad Dal~Rice Khotto served with Alvati.

"Urad Dal~Rice Khotto (Idly Steamed in Jackfruit Leaves baskets) served with our Traditional Dish "Alvati With Colocasia Leaves (Alva Pana), Hogplum (Ambado), Bamboo Shoots (Keerlu) and Corn Kernels (Jolu)" ... Nothing beats this awesome combo, and I am sure all of you are aware of this, I always make it a point to prepare idly or khotto for breakfast the next day whenever I prepare alvati ... Yummy Yumz .... 

** I have already written enough about “Alvati” a dish prepared using tender colocasia leaves specially during monsoon. Other veggies are also added sometimes to this curry while cooking. It is served also during auspicious occasions in temples or at holy functions. During festive season there are many items prepared, one of the festivals is Ganapathi festival which falls usually around the month of September. These can always be prepared also as Naivedyam offering to God, and it is done so during many auspicious occasions. Alvati and Idly or khotto are common along with many other dishes. So from childhood I have come across food served in plantain leaves that consists both these dishes and I simply relished eating the khotto dunked in alvati. It gives you a different flavored combo from the routine chutney or sambar. Sometimes it is served with sprouted moong gashi too which is also a great combo. So yesterday when I had prepared alvati, I kept aside some to relish for breakfast today with khotto. 

** Khotto or Idly steamed in Jackfruit leaves weaved baskets are becoming rarer in metro cities for obvious reasons. People do not have access to them and moreover have neither the patience nor the time to prepare them in their busy schedule. Sometimes I feel these traditional things will slowly come to an end. But then they say, even if a few people earnestly continue to do it and promote the same, slowly many a times things do pick up again. For instance the case of plastic bags, which are now being banned in Mumbai and other places round the world. It should have been curtailed long back, now people are so used to it that they have become dependent on it. Decades back we always had a cloth bag in our purse for using when we purchased anything from the market, we saw to it that we always carried some extra bags. But over years, since we got them ready in plastic bags the habit got diminished or slowly died. Now to go back to the same is slightly difficult, though not impossible. So will be the case with these traditions, I hope they sustain in time. 

** Anyways, I am sharing the link to both the recipes as they are already posted and this is only a combo pattern post. So please do follow the links for the recipe of either of them and yes do try out this combination if possible. If it is impossible for you to prepare Khotto in case of non availability of the leaves, prepare Idly in molds and serve them with Alvati. But trust me when I say if possible to get the leaves and you do have the knowledge of making them to baskets, keep doing it once in a way and do not please loose that habit. It really tastes awesome with khotto, as somehow khotto does have its own taste. Do let me know by giving me a feed back on the same and keep a keen eye on this Blog for more awesome dishes. 

** Here are the links to both the Recipes ..... 

** You can use the search option for "Colocasia Leaves or also for combo meals" where you will get many more dishes prepared using it and also other combination dishes. Do try out various types of dishes to relish with dosa / Idly / roti etc. or with dal-chawal too. Enjoy the dishes with your family and friends and do give me a feedback if possible. You can also click on the link below for checking the same. 

** An Earnest Request : There are many more recipes of similar type in the blog. For all my Recipes, use the search option or the label section in the Blog. If you are still not able to find it please leave a message in comment section or mail me the same. You can also go to my page (add on the left side of blog) and leave a message and I will try my best to get back to you as soon as possible … Thank you. I have also started a food group for "Konkani Saraswats" by the name "KONKANI DELICACIES" the link of which is posted on the left side of the blog page. Do join us in our culinary journey. I strongly believe in Sharing and always endorse that "Sharing Is Caring".

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