Sunday, June 10, 2018

Spicy Pudina~Tomato Rasam.

"Spicy Pudina (Mint)~Tomato Rasam And Corn~Cucumber Salad" ... Finally it is Thunders & Raaiinningg in Mumbai ... So juices are No-No and appetizers or soups have made way into my kitchen ... Simply awesome to sip on the spicy rasam while having some salad along to fill the grumbling tummy ... Enjoy Rains, But plz. stay safe .... 

** Rasams are a delicious spicy drink that tastes awesome both when served as an appetizer or along with some rice. We south Indian usually serve them along with rice and other dishes and it tastes simply delicious. The spicy flavored thin saar textured rasam has a place of its own in our cuisine. In my home however, saar, rasam, kolumbo, sambar are all a favorite and we never tire of it. My hubby has this habit of have saar in glass and along with rice too. So I have lots of rasam and saar combo recipes that I keep trying for changes from routine one’s. I never thought rasam would be received as a request and it was then that I realized that I had not added them at all, while there were plenty of saar recipes, rasam was yet to be posted. I have so many different types of these that I will surely start posting them now consistently as its monsoon season in Mumbai and that period is the time when we have it on almost daily basis. So here is a lovely tomato rasam recipe that has the flavor or pudina / mint and it tastes simply heavenly. 

** For the "Spicy Pudina (Mint)~Tomato Rasam" Recipe .... My Style ...

** Wash and cook half a cup of tuvar dal with addition of one cup of water in pressure cooker till it is cooked mushy and well. Remove and let cool, churn it to a even texture and keep it ready aside. 

** In a mixer grinder add in one large sized tomato chopped into small pieces along with half a cup of picked and washed coriander leaves and ¼ cup of picked and washed pudina (mint) leaves. Grind this to a fine paste. Do not add water while grinding as the tomato has enough water content in it. You may sprinkle some water if absolutely necessary. Remove and keep this ready aside. 

** In a thick bottomed stainless steel vessel add in 1 tblsp of ghee and 1 tblsp of coconut oil, when it is hot, lower the heat and add in 1 tblsp of slightly crushed jeera (you may crush the jeera very slightly with a heavy stone) when it turns slightly in color add in 1 tsp of hing powder and 8-10 curry leaves. 

** Now add in 3 heaped tblsp of rasam powder or sambar powder and fry for a minute. You may sprinkle some water, if you find the powder is getting burnt. Now add in the ground tomato-coriander-pudina paste along with the cooked dal and salt to taste. Add 4-5 cups of water and mix well. Check consistency and add in more water if necessary. 

** Note : You may cut down on the quantity of the rasam powder as spice level is an individual choice. Also I have used store bought ready rasam powder here and it was not so spicy. You can use sambar powder too, if you do not have rasam powder as they are almost the same.

** Rasams should be very spicy bringing water from your eyes and nose, that is what my father used to say. It loosens all the congestion in the chest, so it is important to prepare it in the right spice level. This helps in loosening of cold and keeping you safe in monsoon. However, if you have cough, I advice you against having it spicy as red chillies may lead to more throat irritation. 

** Bring the rasam to a boil on medium flame, keep stirring to avoid the dal getting stuck at the bottom. Once it comes to a good boil, lower the heat and simmer for 5 minutes. Remove and keep this aside covered for at least an hour or two. The flavors will all get seeped into the rasam. Then strain the rasam into another vessel through a fine sieve and then bring it to a boil. 

** "Spicy Pudina~Tomato Rasam” is done and ready to be served. I serve this both with rice for lunch and as an appetizer during dinner time. It is your individual choice as to how you want to relish this spicy hot rasam. Whatever be your choice, do try this out and enjoy with your family and friends. For those who love spicy soups, this one is a great choice to relish in place of it.

** For the Recipe of  "Corn~Cucumber Salad", Please follow the link given below ....

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