Friday, June 29, 2018

My Thali 57.

My Thali 57. ... "Raw Jackfruit~Jackfruit Seeds (Bikkanda)~Hogplum (Ambado) Curry (Gujju), Corn~Cabbage~Carrot~Onion Raita, Masala Prawns, Dalitoy (Spiced Tuvar Dal), Rice (SheetHa), Ripe Mango Curry (Ambe Upkari) ... Uuffff ... It's been a difficult 32 hours with no network ... Here is my today's thali ... Yummilicious ..... 

** Once again posting My Thali for all my friends here. I will not run into any details here on any individual dishes as they are all shared in individual posts. This is just a combination pattern for you to follow if at all you are confused as to what you want to prepare if you have friends or relatives over for lunch / dinner. Today’s Thali has both Amchi, GSB Konkani Saraswat traditional dishes as well as a common starter with prawns and raita again which is prepared all over India in the Thali. Sharing the links to each of the items below, please go through the link for the recipe that you desire to try out. 

** Given Below are the links to the dishes in the Thali above ........ 

1. “Raw Jackfruit~Jackfruit Seeds (Bikkanda)~Hogplum (Ambado) Curry (Gujju)” … A delicious seasonal curry prepared using the raw jackfruit segments that are fully formed with the seeds within but yet to be ripened … Tastes awesome when served hot with Rice ... Yummy Yumz … 
** Here is the link to the Recipe …. 

2. “Corn~Cabbage~Carrot~Onion Raita/Salad” … A simple~delicious~healthy raita / salad that can be made for lunch / dinner as an accompaniment to starters or served with biryani, pulav, roti, paratha or just with any other dishes in thali too … Simple to make … Yummy on Taste …. 
** Here is the link to the Recipe …. 

3. "Spicy Masala Prawns~A Delicious Starter” served with Corn~Cabbage~ Carrot~ Onion Raita … A delicious side dish that can be served as starter too … The masala is slightly a concoction of my own adapted from many regions throughout India, but tastes awesome …. 
** Here is the link to the Recipe …. 

4. “Dalitoy (Spiced Tuvar Dal)" …. A delicious Konkani Saraswat Dal that tastes well with rice. A must during every meal in our community, we simply love our dal with rice. 
** Here is the link to the Recipe ..... 

5. “Cooking Rice Starch Free / Vanu ghalnu SheetHa” … Rice cooked and the water is drained off to remove excess starch. The rice remains well cooked without sticking to each other … Do try this formula / method of cooking as it is very healthy. 
** Here is the link to the Recipe ..... 

6. “Delicious Ripe Mango Curry / Ambe Upkari” … This is a sweet~spicy dish served as a dessert when in season in most of the Konkani Saraswat’s Home … A delicious dish loved by young and old alike … Yummilicious …. 
** Here is the link to the Recipe …. 

** You can use the search option for "Thali" where you will get many more combination of thali’s. Do try out various types of mix and match dishes to relish with your family and friends. Also remember to me a feedback if possible. 

** You can also click on the link below for checking the same. 

** An Earnest Request : There are many more recipes of similar type in the blog. For all my Recipes, use the search option or the label section in the Blog. If you are still not able to find it please leave a message in comment section or mail me the same. You can also go to my page (add on the left side of blog) and leave a message and I will try my best to get back to you as soon as possible … Thank you. 

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