Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Chilled Ripe Jackfruit Milkshake

"Chilled Ripe Jackfruit Milkshake" served with Cashew Nut Fritters (Kajjubi Bajo/ Bajia) ... Kahin Barish Kahin Garmi Kahin Khushi Kahin Gham ... For those enjoying rains there is hot from the frying pan kajjubi Bajo and for those who are suffering heat here is some Chilled jackfruit milkshake ... 

** This one is a very easy and delicious cool drink that can be prepared in a jiffy. A lovely seasonal drink that can be served to guest when there is a function or get together. However, this is a seasonal delicacy and can be prepared when ripe jackfruits are in season. I never recommend canned fruits in preparation of the fresh fruit juices or milk shakes. The rest of the ingredients are not much and are all available in the kitchen and there is no worries there at all. All you need is that beautiful smile on your lips and with a loving heart serve it and you will have guests asking for more. The only hitch here is this drink though yummy is loaded with calories. So be careful on excess consumption if on weight watch, also please do not serve this to any diabetic or friends with health issues. Good for growing up children when they come back after playing a lot. You can also thin out the shake or serve it thick as I did the choice is yours. Again, you can add a dallop of vanilla ice cream on top while serving for children or elders to if you fancy the same, I do not add as already it is added while preparing the shake and too much of addition of ice cream builds up on calories, so I have not added it again for serving. 

** Here is the simple method of preparing chilled "Jackfruit Milkshake" … 

** Clean the ripe jackfruit bulbs, remove the inner seed and cut the fleshy edible portion into small pieces and keep them ready aside. You should have about 2-3 cups full of the cut pieces. 

** In a mixer blender add in 2 cups of chilled thick full fat milk (You can use skimmed milk too, but the texture will be a little bit thinner) with ½ cup sugar and the jackfruit pieces and run it to a smooth paste. The paste should be very smooth. 

** Now add in another 3 cups of chilled full fat milk and continue to run the mixer till its well mixed. Check the sweetness of the shake. If needed add sugar and blend well. The amount of sugar is individual liking and also depends on the sweetness of the jackfruit too. 

** Check the texture of the shake and add in milk or water if necessary only. Lastly add in 2-3 tblsp of Vanilla Ice Cream and 2-3 ice cubes and whip all together well on pulse mode 3 times for 2 seconds each time. 

** "Chilled Jackfruit Milkshake" is done and ready to be served. Remove and pour into tall glasses and serve immediately. You can add a dallop of vanilla ice cream on top while serving in which case serve it with a long handle spoon. I served them as it is chilled with delicious cashew nut fritters when my friends had dropped in and everybody loved the combo very much. 

** Note : In case you do not have Vanilla Ice Cream at home do not worry, just add in a tsp of vanilla essence and 1 tsp of milk cream at the final stage while whipping on pulse mode. 

** If you do not want to add full fat milk you can add skimmed milk and also prepare the same. But the texture of the shake will be thinner and lighter. 

** I do not recommend replacing sugar with artificial sweeteners as I have never used them and hesitant about the same as one never knows the chemicals content in them. You may add only if you are prescribed by a qualified Doctor. 

** For the recipe of cashew nut fritters, please follow the link given below … 

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