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Spicy Chana Dal Patrado With Coriander Seeds.

“Kothimbir ani Chane Dali ghalnu teekHu Patrado / Spicy Chana Dal Patrado With Coriander Seeds" ... I came to know recently from Vijaya Kamath that "Udupi Style Patrado" Recipe has kothimbir seeds added to masala while grinding, I prepared with addition of chana dal for a change ... thanks Vijaya, we loved it .... Yummilicious ... 

** Patrado / Alu Vadi / Colocasia leaves spirals is a dish I have posted several times with many variations. I have also posted patrado prepared using chana dal as the main ingredient before. This one is no different and is same in every aspect except for the fact that I have added coriander seeds to the masala while grinding. My friend Vijaya Kamath posted a patrado in my food group “Konkani Delicacies” a few days back naming it Udupi Style Patroda, which intrigued me. Being from Mangalore and Udupi being in the outskirts I never knew about this. On querying, she told me the masala remained the same while the spice level was more and that coriander seeds were added to the masala while grinding. Frankly I never entered the kitchen before marriage so it is not a wonder that I do not know so many dishes prepared by people in and around Manglaore. My Mom always prepared amchi dishes, so that Is what I grew up relishing. 

** I have also added in step by step procedure of the preparation of patrado long back with lots of easy to follow step by step pictures. I do not intend repeating it in every recipes as it is absolutely unnecessary while I can directly share the link. You can check the same in the given link below at the bottom of this recipe. … Thank you and yes I assure you that I will try many more varieties and post them soon here. Till then enjoy this one. Tastes yum when served along with rice and dalitoy (spiced tuvar dal). You can even slice them and roll in fine rava or rice powder and tava fry them crisp with some oil. Fried patrado slices are very tasty and we amchies usually prepare it the second day, while on the day it is steamed we just serve it hot topped with some coconut oil. Hot steamed soft patrado has a delicious taste and flavor of it own too. On the whole a delicious side dish prepared often in every amchi home.

** Here is the recipe for Kothimbir ani Chane Dali ghalnu teekHu Patrado / Spicy Chana Dal Patrado With Coriander Seeds" … Udupi Style Patrado ….

** Cut of the stems / dentu of the leaves. You need only leaf part and devein the leaves of about 10-12 large to medium sized colocasia / patrade leaves. Wash well (gently) and allow the water to drip off by keeping it slant on an inverted vessel or anywhere else suitable to you. 

** Note : Do not throw away the thick stem which in Amchi we call Venti, you can peel of the skin, cut them into 2 inch pieces and prepare them into gojju, chutney, upkari which tastes awesome. Check for the recipe under the label or search option. 

** Wash and soak 2 cups of chana dal in plenty of water for 2-3 hrs. Wash well again and drain the excess water by putting it in a colander and allowing it to rest for 10 mins. All the excess water should get drained off. 

** Wash and soak 1 cup of raw rice in plenty of water for 2-3 hrs. Wash well again and drain the excess water by putting it in a colander and allowing it to rest for 10 mins. All the excess water should get drained off.

** Masala to be ground : Grind 2 cups of grated coconut with 22-25 red kashmiri chillies (plus or minus depending upon individual taste, but this particular patrado is supposed to be slightly spicier), large lemon sized tamarind (do add tamarind of a large lemon size, it’s necessary to remove the itchiness if any in the leaves) with 2 tsp of hing powder along with 3 tblsp of coriander seeds to a coarse paste. The paste should not be too coarse or too smooth. Add very little water, it should be of paste consistency. Remove in a vessel.

** Grind the Chana dal and rice together to a semi smooth paste. A little bit of fine rava texture. Remove and add it to the ground masala paste. Add salt to taste and mix well. The paste should be of thick consistency, so do not add more of water. If you find it a little bit thinner in texture add in a tablespoon of rice flour and mix well.

** Now for preparing the patrado rolls : Keep one large colocasia leaf with the vein side on top. Spread the paste. Now top it with another leaf, a bit smaller in size in similar pattern and apply the paste on it. Repeat with another leaf a bit smaller in size and again apply the ground paste. Fold the sides at full length and then start rolling from the other way. The rolls should be tight enough or it will open up while steaming. I have posted pictures in previous recipes, so plz. Chek up the same to help you learn the process. 

** Cut rolls into two with a serrated knife in the center. Put the Steaming vessel / Pedavana with enough water and bring the water to boil, lower the heat and gently keep the cut patrades in the steamer / pedavana by placing the cut side on top. This is absolutely necessary as if you keep it the other way the masala will drop into the water of the steamer. If not comfortable in using this method and if the rolls are small just place them whole inside the pedavana / steaming vessel. 

** Now close the pedavana with the lid and bring it to full heat once again till you see steam escaping out of the vessel, say for about 10 minutes, then keep the flame on medium and cook for 25-30 minutes. When done remove the lid and let cool a bit before you serve. 

** “Kothimbir ani Chane Dali ghalnu teekHu Patrado / Spicy Chana Dal Patrado With Coriander Seeds" is done and ready to be served. You can serve the patrado hot as it is with Dal Chawal by pouring a tsp of coconut oil over it (Optional). You can also allow them to cool properly and then slice them into half inch thick slices and rol them in fine rava / chiroti rava or rice flour and tava fry them with a little bit of oil to crisp fries. 

** Here is the link to the Article on Patrado, Do check on the same for easy understanding of the procedure of application of masala paste and the rolling …. 

** You can also go through this link for some dishes prepared using the colocasia stems.

** An earnest Request : For all my Recipes, use the search option or the label section in the Blog. If you are still not able to find it please leave a message in comment section or mail me the same. You can also go to my page (add on the left side of blog) and leave a message and I will try my best to get back to you as soon as possible … Thank you.

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