Friday, May 11, 2018

Jambul (Black Plum) Ice Cream.

"Jambul (Black Plum) Ice Cream served with Muskmelon fruit" ... A delicious frozen dessert with the goodness of fresh fruit … but the Ice Cream got melted before I could click a picture properly ... Sigh, this Mumbai heat is simply not allowing anything to be done perfectly ... Nevertheless I enjoyed it ...... 

** Ice cream often reminds me the saying “I Scream .. You Scream .. We all Scream for Ice Cream” .. come summer and the Mumbai heat can be very testing at times, to top it the fluctuation in electricity trips the AC and that’s the final straw to patience. The same thing happened, as I was clicking the Ice Cream pictures and the result was a melting Ice cream picture. Clicking of Ice Cream is something of a pain to me as somehow it always melts before I can get a perfect click. Though I do chill all the containers etc. it’s no use at times. Added to the woe is the persistence “Ting Tong” going on now and then, yes the door bell, that has to happen too at the same time. Why I wonder ?? or How ?? is a question that always props up in my mind. I have already written a lot about Ice Cream a few days back when I posted Chickoo / Sapota Ice Cream so will not repeat here again. 

** As mentioned before, I have yet to perfect on my Ice Creams, as I strongly feel that preparing of Ice Cream needs practice and judgment on texture. Once you get that right the battle is won. Commercial Ice Creams use stabilizers and I did not want to use them. Also they are flavored and I have actually no proper knowledge as to what gets included in them to maintain the texture and the color etc. With changing times, however addition of fruit pulps has come into vogue and they turn out simply yummy and tasty. I feel good when I know exactly what goes into the dish I prepare. This time round too, I have used milkmaid (evaporated sweet condensed milk) in preparation of Ice Cream along with Jambul (Black Plum) puree. I served them as it is and topped on muskmelon fruit salad too. The taste of the Ice Cream was simply awesome. 

** Here is my Method of preparing “Jambul Ice Cream Ice Cream” …Using Milkmaid (evaporated sweet condensed milk) …. 

** Ingredients : 
Cream (milk cream) : 200 ml (I used Amul Milk cream as that is the only one available here, which I had kept in the fridge for 24 hours) 
Milkmaid (Evaporated sweet condensed milk) : 200 gm (I used ½ tin of Nestle’ Milkmaid) 
Fresh Jambul Fruit Puree : One cup. 
Milk (Boiled and Cooled) : 200 ml (full fat milk) 
Sugar : 2 tblsp (optional, I have added on) 

** For preparing of Muskmelon fruit salad: 
Muskmelon Pieces : 5-6 cups chopped pieces 
Sugar : about ½ cup 

** To make Jambul / Black Plum Fruit Puree : Wash and rinse about 500 gms of jambuls well under running water. Allow to drain well. Put it in a wide vessel and pour 2 cups of hot boiling water over it. Mix with a spoon, cover, and keep it aside for an hour. Mix once in between if needed. Now remove the pulp portion only from the jambuls with hand and keep them aside. 

** Put the seed portion to which there will still be some fleshy portion stuck back into the water and crush well with hand to release as much as possible the flesh portion. You will lovely purple colored water. Remove the seeds and discard them. Drain and keep the water aside to be used for lassi. 

** Put the collected jambhul (jambul) pulp portion into a mixer grinder and grind it to a very fine paste. The ground pulp should be very smooth and fine. Pass it through a sieve, collect the pulp, and discard the residue if any. This pulp will be used for ice cream and setting of curds as well as a little bit for lassi too. 

** To prepare the Ice Cream : In a bowl add milk, milkmaid  (Evaporated sweet condensed milk) sugar and jambhul puree and with the help of a whisker or hand blender blend it to a smooth paste and keep it in the fridge to get cooled properly. The mixture should get chilled properly, so do this procedure before you begin to start the creaming procedure so that it gets time to get chilled. 

** Now, In a large glassware bowl add in the chilled cream and beat with an electric beater for sometime until it gets smooth and foamy. Be careful not to make it into a curdled mass. Do this in cool temperature place and do not use continuous high speed. Now add in the chilled blended milk-jambhul mixture and beat both together until they are well blended. 

** Pour into an airtight container and put it in the freezer for a good 24 hours to be frozen properly. You can remove in between once and beat the same to remove crystals if any. The Ice Cream get’s set within a maximum time of 8 hours and the same can be relished once it has completely set. However, I usually keep it for 24 hours before consuming. 

** For preparing of Muskmelon fruit salad: Put the muskmelon pieces in a bowl and add in the sugar. Mix well until the sugar is mixed in properly. Put it in an airtight container and keep it fridge to be chilled. It should be complete chilled for best taste. This is optional choice, the ice cream can be served as it is, but it does taste great when topped on muskmelon fruit salad. 

** To serve the Ice Cream : Remove the Ice Cream and allow it to cool for just about 2-3 minutes and then with a rounded spoon remove the same trying to make it into balls and put them into individual bowls over half a cup of muskmelon fruit salad (Optional) and serve immediately. Relish the Ice Cream chilled with your family and friends. 

** "Jambul Ice Cream served with Muskmelon fruit” is ready to be served. Enjoy this Ice Cream this summer season with your family and friends and keep yourself cool. You can serve the Ice Cream as it is or with any fruit salad of your choice. I served with Muskmelon fruit salad, both musk melon and jambhul have loads of health benefits with cooling properties and is very good for people who hesitate to eat fruits.

** Children having vacation will love to relish them when them come home after playing in the hot sun and its heavenly bliss to relish this chilled then. They will simply love them and so will their friends too. It is a joy to see the beaming faces of family, children and friends, when they enjoy something you tried out and that makes it worth trying. Also, though the Ice Cream may differ a bit from commercial one’s, these are much more healthier for your children and family. 

** You can use the search option for "Ice Cream" where you will get many more dishes prepared using it. Do try out various types options blogged and enjoy them chilled with your family and friends. And do give me a feedback if possible, so that I can improve on my methods and trials. All tips and tricks are welcome. 

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