Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Arda Pikkile Ambe Gashi/Semi Ripe Mango Curry.

“Arda Pikkile Ambe Gashi/Semi Ripe Mango Curry” …. A traditional curry from Konkani Saraswat’s Cuisine … A delicious tikshe~amshe~godshe gashi (spicy~tangy~sweetish curry) that goes well as a side dish along with other dishes … I even at times serve this with our very own Khotto or Panpolo …. Yummy Yumz …... 

** Semi ripe mangoes or sourish mangoes are available in plenty now. It is that time of the year when all types of mangoes come pouring in and you are really in a delima about which dish to prepare. This gashi is prepared on spicier side and tastes best that way. I learnt this after marriage from a konkani friend of mine and have been preparing it for decades now. The requirement here however is the correct variety of mangoes. You need mangoes that are on the process of ripening and half way through is the right time to prepare this dish. Some however prepare these with ripe but less sweet mangoes too. But I found that this is what works the best for this dish. The recipe is really simple and can be prepared and kept even a few hours before as it is best when served at room temperature. 

** Here is the Reciep for “Arda Pikkile Ambe Gashi/Semi Ripe Mango Curry” My style …. 

** Ingredients : 
Semi Ripe Mangoes / Ardap pikkile ambo : 6 small to medium sized. 
Jaggery / Goda / Gud : 100 gms (Approx) 
Salt to taste 

** For Masala to be ground : 
Coconut : 1 cup freshly ground 
Urad dal / Black gram dal : 1 tsp 
Coriander / Kothimbir / Dhania Seeds : 2 tsp 
Kashmiri red chillies / Kumte Mirsanga : 6-8 
Hing / Asafoetida Powder : 1 tsp 
Gummy Hing : a large pinch 
Oil : 1 tsp 

** For Tempering : 
Coconut Oil (Optional) : 1 tsp 
Mustard Seeds / Sasam / Rai : 1 tsp 
Curry Leaves / Kadipatta / Karbevu : 6-8 fresh leaves. 

** Wash, wipe dry and peel off the skin of the semi ripe mangoes. Put the mangoes in a thick bottomed vessel and the skin in another bowl. Use semi ripe mangoes that are slightly tart in taste too for this particular dish.

** Note : The same dish can be prepared using fully ripe mangoes too, in which case while grinding the masala you will have to a add a small marble sized tamarind to bring in the tart taste. I will prepare the same and post soon too. 

** Add one cup of water to the semi ripe mango skins in the bowl and give a good squeezing crush to it. This allows the little bit of flesh portion inside the skin to get mixed in with the water. Squeeze out the water and throw away the skin portion. Check the amount of water. 

** If the water is more keep half of it aside and add in the remaining half to the semi ripe mangoes in the vessel and bring to a boil, once it comes to a boil turn it all over and add in grated jaggery and mix well. Cover and let cook till the mangoes are cooked. 

** Masala to be Ground : Heat oil in a small pan, when hot, add in urad dal and fry till the color changes slightly, now add in the coriander seeds and fry for few seconds. Now add in red kashmiri chillies and hing / asafoetida powder or a small piece of gummy hing and further fry for a second and remove and keep it aside. 

** In a mixer grinder add in the freshly grated coconut and the fried ingredients and grind all to a semi coarse paste. Use the water kept aside earlier from the skin squeezed semi mangoes. Do not keep the paste too coarse nor make it into a fine paste. 

** Add the ground paste to the cooked mangoes and mix well. Add salt to taste and water if required to bring to a thick gravy consistency. Let cook on medium heat, stirring often till you see bubbles appearing. Do not make the gravy thin, this is a thick texture dish. 

** For Tempering : Heat coconut oil (Optional), when hot add in mustard seeds, when they begin to splutter add in the curry leaves, fry for a second and pour over the curry. Cover and keep aside for the flavors to seep in. 

** “Arda Pikkile Ambe Gashi/Semi Ripe Mango Curry” is done and ready to be served. Best served at room temperature as a side dish along with other dishes. You can also serve this with poori, roti, idly, dosa etc. Panpolo / Neer Dosa tastes awesome served along with it. Do try this out this season and enjoy with your family and friends. 

** An Earnest Request : There are many more recipes of similar type in the blog. For all my Recipes, use the search option or the label section in the Blog. If you are still not able to find it please leave a message in comment section or mail me the same. You can also go to my page (add on the left side of blog) and leave a message and I will try my best to get back to you as soon as possible … Thank you.

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