Thursday, May 10, 2018

Ambe (Mango) Gojju.

"Ambe (Mango) Gojju" ... I must say this is a delicious dish, sort of cousin of ambe upkari / curried mango dish ... Prepared it with our King of Fruits Aapus Ambo / Alphonso Mango ... A delicious dessert that can be relished after lunch / dinner chilled …. Yummilicious .....

** This is actually a very simple seasonal dish that can be prepared within a few minutes and relished instantly especially if unexpected guests drop in. Here I have Aapus Ambo / Alphonso Mango which is best suited for this recipe, but you can try out with other sweet mangoes too. This is a common dish among Konkani Saraswats from Southern part of India, but I was really not aware of it. I don’t remember ever having eaten this one before and I really wonder why ? The recipe credit goes to Padmini Kamath, my friend who posted this in Konkani Delicacies my food group yesterday, I was immediately drawn towards it. Padmini shared the recipe graciously and it was really easy. Mangoes are always available in season in my home, so I did not have to worry about going out to purchase the same. The rest of the ingredients too were easily available in the kitchen and I just thought of preparing the same today with just 2 ripe mangoes. 

** The recipe is close to our very own Ambe Upkari / Cooked Mango curry another dessert that is very famous among Konkani Saraswats and is prepared many times when in season. The difference here is that for gojju the dish is not cooked and is instant. I would call this a cousin of ambe upkari. But then that is the beauty of dishes that are prepared with love and care. Even in minute changes lies the taste to an awesome dish. I have not changed or tweaked anything in this recipe and kept it as it is as posted by Padmini. Thanks dear, we loved the recipe very much and sure to prepare this many more times. A wonderful dish to be had after lunch / dinner. You prepare this and put it in the fridge for a few hours and serve it chilled, tastes awesome and beats off the summer heat. 

** Here is the Recipe for “Ambe (Mango) Gojju” …..

** Wash and wipe two ripe alphonso mangoes. Peel off the skin gently taking care to see that you do it finely without removing off any of the flesh part. Now squeeze out the flesh portion into bowl as much as possible. The mango flesh should be removed well and the inner seed (katHo) discarded. Blend the mango well with a hand blender into a fine puree and keep this ready.

** Now Crush about 3-4 green chillies to a fine paste with a heavy stone along with a pinch of salt and add it to the Mango puree. Add in half a cup of finely grated jaggery to the mango mixture and mix well till the jaggery has dissolved completely. If you grate the jaggery well it will hardly take time. Check the consistency, it should be thick like that of gojju. If too thick you can add in some water and mix well.

** For Tempering : Heat ½ tsp of oil, when hot add in ½ tsp of mustard seeds, when they begin to splutter, add in a 3-4 curry leaves, fry for a second and pour it over the mango gojju. If you want to serve it chilled keep it covered in the fridge for a few hours and it’s ready.

** "Ambe (Mango) Gojju" is done and ready to be served. Serve this a dessert after lunch or dinner. It tastes simply yumz and is simply a good and simple gojju to go along with lunch and relished at the end. I Prepared it with our King of Fruits Aapus Ambo / Alphonso Mango, you can use any other variety of mango available to you. Enjoy this “Ambe Gojju” with your family and friends and do give me a feedback.

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