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Hot Puffed Wheat ~ Jawari (Jowar / Sorghum) Poori.

"Hot Puffed Wheat ~ Jawari (Jowar / Sorghum) Poori" served with Cashew Nuts~Sweet Potato Usli (Bhaji) … A delicious combo of dishes that compliment each other very well … A satvik dish that can can be savored during upwas / fasting days ... Yummy Yumz ..... 

** Spicy poori’s are a delight to have as a snack or serve them at bf, lunch or dinner. This one is a satvik sort of poori with the addition of wheat flour, Jawari flour and fine rava. I have written so much about poori that I am sure all those who follow my Blog are well versed with the fact that I love them very much. Yep, they are my childhood sweet hearts and I relish them to date. I love my poori all blown up like a balloon and still enjoy piercing them with my index finger and watching the steam pass through. With changing times, I too have learned to curtail my desire of enjoying poori every weekend and now I prepare them say once in a month. Personally, I feel curtailing on the amount of relishing them is better than total ban. I as of now cannot think of abandoning them totally, so limitation is the key word for me. Also, when it comes to youngsters and children who love poories, we have to succumb to their pressure and prepare the same, while we are rewarded to see the joy on their glowing faces. 

** Coming across millets and learning their health benefits, I have starting adding them on to my roti or poori atta / dough by mix~matching them in my own way. Those who do not want to deep fry and eat them as poori can bind the dough a little bit softer and roll them out into roti’s and tava fry them too. However, whether you prepare poori or roti, do relish them hot out from tava / kadai. I keep thinking of cutting down on oil, but somehow I fall short on my resolution, end up preparing the same, and love to share them here. I have lot more combos of roti with millets in mind and somehow the busy life does not give me that much time to spare. However, do add in millets to your normal diet, by either adding a little bit flour to your dosa batter, Idly batter, or roti dough. A little addition is better than not having them at all and once you are adapted to the taste you can slowly increase the level of addition. 

** Ingredients : 
Wheat Flour : 1 cups 
Jawari / Jowar / Sorghum Flour : 1 cup 
Bombay Rava / Sooji : 2-3 tblsp 
Oil : 2 tblsp (hot) 
Salt to taste 
Oil for deep frying. 

** In a large wide bowl add in the wheat flour, Jawari flour, Bombay rava, salt to taste and mix them slightly. Now add in the hot oil and mix all together well. Sprinkle some water and bring the mixture to a crumble texture. Now add in half a cup of water and knead the mixture to dough. Keep adding little by little water only as needed on to bring mixture to a tight dough consistency. Apply a little bit of oil on your palm and knead the dough well. Keep this covered aside for 20 minutes. 

** Note : Rava is added to help in keeping the poori puffed and intact. Always add in little bit of rava to any type of poori you make and they will puff up like a balloon and remain so for quite some time. Also always, give the dough to resting period of at least 20 minutes. This helps the release of gluten in wheat and the dough turns softer and helps in digestion too. 

** Now knead the dough again and roll it into a long roll like rolling pin evenly. This always helps in getting even sized poori dough balls for rolling. With the help of a knife cut them into even sized cuts. Apply some oil on hand and spread a light hand on the cut pieces of dough. This ensures they do not dry up and also helps in rolling without dusting. For poori you can follow the dusting or non dusting method. Today, I have dusted and not applied oil to the poori balls while rolling. 

** Roll out the each ball evenly into a 3.5 to 4 inch dia circle after dusting them evenly on all sides with flour. The poori should always be rolled evenly. They should not be too thick nor too thin, as both will not give desired results. The poori should be slightly thicker than the roti, that’s all. Also with practice, you will learn to roll them evenly. 

** While you start rolling the poori, keep a kadai / pan with plenty of oil on full heat, once it comes to smoking point, lower the heat to medium and wait for a few minutes. Meanwhile, you can roll the poori and keep them ready to be deep fried. Once the required number of poori are rolled and ready check the heat level of oil in kadai. 

** Note : For checking if the oil is hot enough, Just add in a pinch of the dough into the oil, if it hits the bottom and comes back sizzling the heat is correct for deep frying. If the dough does not bounce back and takes more time that means the oil is not hot enough and if it bounces back but comes out dark or burnt that means the oil is too hot. Always remember, the correct heat level throughout deep frying of poori is very important to get well puffed and well cooked poori. 

** Now slide in one poori gently into the hot oil, once it comes back sizzling, keep pressing it gently on sides with little pressure with a long handled spatula that has holes in it, this enable the poori to blow up from within and puff up evenly and nicely. Once if puff up, wait for a few seconds and then gently flip it to cook on the other side. Wait for a few seconds for the other side to be cooked too, then again flip it back and after just 1-2 second gently remove it with the holed spatula allowing excess oil to drain back into the kadai. 

** Note : You can check up on the step by step pictures posted elsewhere on poori recipes. If still not confident or not sure always check up once for the procedure from your willing neighbor who knows it or on You Tube. Getting to learn firsthand from your family is always the best way, as you will be witnessing the procedure yourself. 

** Now repeat the process with other rolled out poori by deep frying them exactly as before. Maintain the heat at the same temperature throughout the process of deep frying. It is very important to have constant heat. 

** Hot Puffed Wheat ~ Jawari (Jowar / Sorghum  Poories are done and ready to be served. Serve these poories with any bhaji or side dish of your choice. I served them with Cashew Nuts~Sweet Potato Usli (Bhaji) … A delicious combo of dishes that compliment each other very well. Enjoy these poori fresh and piping hot direct from kadai when they are all blown up and nice with your family and friends. Children will love these very much. Though it is delicious when served hot, you can carry them in your lunch box too. 

** You can use the search option for "Poori or Roti" where you will get many more dishes prepared using similar flours. Also you will get some step by step methods in some of the recipe section too. Do try out various types of dishes to relish with any side dish of your choice. Enjoy the dishes with your family and friends and do give me a feedback if possible. You can also click on the link below for checking the same. 

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