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Krishna ~ Sudama … True Friendship of Lifetime.

Krishna ~ Sudama … True Friendship of Lifetime … Lord dwells in the heart of those who have immense faith in him ... 

"Yada Yada Hi Dharmasya Glanirva Bhavathi Bharatha, 
Abhyuthanam Adharmaysya Tadatmanam Srijami Aham'. 
“Praritranaya Sadhunam Vinashaya Cha Dushkritam 
Dharamasansthapnaya Sambhavami Yuge-Yuge."

** Krishna ~ Sudama's friendship is known to all. Legend says that Sudama is none other than Narada Muni, whom Lord Vishnu had granted the wish of being born on earth in order to participate and enjoy the lilas of Lord Krishna. Sudama was Lord Krishna’s childhood friend who was very poor while on the other hand Krishna was born into royal family. However, this did not come in between their friendship and they enjoyed their Gurukul / Schooling days together while in Vrindavan. 

** After completing their studies, they went their separate ways. As time passed, both of them were married and settled down in their respective places and lost touch of each other for many years. Krishna became the king of Dwaraka while Sudama stayed in a small village dedicating his life to religious austerities, Japa and developing spiritual ways towards life. Though often Krishna came up on his mind he refrained himself from meeting his childhood friend. He just kept the memories close to his heart and carried on with his daily activities.

** A time came when Sudama could not even feed his children due to poverty and then on his wife’s insistence he decided to meet his childhood friend and seek his help. Sudama’s wife knew Krishna loved Poha, as her husband Sudama had told her many a times about it. So she borrowed some “Poha / Beaten Rice” from their neighbor, bundled it in a piece of torn cloth and gave it to Sudama as an offering to Lord Krishna. 

** Krishna’s joy knew no bounds on seeing his childhood friend and was overjoyed. He embraced his friend of childhood very fondly. He made Sudama comfortable in all ways and passed of a few days chatting and enjoying with his dear friend. Sudama also was full of joy but there was an hesitation in his mind that he had come to his friend seeking for help. Also looking at Krishna’s luxurious lifestyle, he even hesitated to give the poha he had brought for him with love and affection. 

** Krishna however saw the hidden bundle and pulled it away from Sudama. On seeing Poha Krishna was overjoyed and relished it without any hesitation to Sudamas dismay. Krishna even offered some to his wife Rukhmini, who too relished the offering with the same joy and respect. She also saw to Sudama’s comforts when in the palace. Seeing Lord Krishna’s Love and hospitality, Sudama just could not bring himself to ask Lord Krishna for favour and after a few days left the palace with a heavy heart yet pleased in his mind towards his home.

** On his way back Sudama was wondering how to explain to his wife that he could not bring himself to ask Krishna’s favour. On approaching the route to his home, he just could not find his small hut, in its place stood a magnificent palace. He was surprised when his wife came out to greet him dressed in fine clothes and jewellry. Sudama realized that Lord Krishna being “Antaryami” (Knowing all) had understood his misery without him spelling it out. Lord Krishna had put an end to all his problems. Sudama could never forget during his lifetime the pure love in Lord Krishna’s eyes for him and his eyes always filled with tears of joy on remembering his childhood friend who had understood him without him having to spell out anything and had also seen to it that he puts an end to his miseries

** Here it is to be noticed that … Though Sudama had come to meet Lord Krishna seeking for his help. However, on meeting his childhood friend he could not do so and only shared his joy and love toward’s him. Lord Krishna saw that his friend lived luxuriously in the palace, and offered him everything with love and care. His wife too stood by him in his seva / hospitality. In return, poor Sudama had nothing but a handful of poha / beaten rice to offer to the Lord. But here it is Sudama’s act of actually feeding the Lord with selfless love is what was valued by the Lord himself. 

** Again it is to be noticed that … Wealth wise Krishna’s gift to Sudama was rare and precious and of much higher in value than that of his friend. But, it is mentioned in the Purana’s that “Annadaan ~ the act of offering Food / Rice” is the greatest charity a man can perform during his lifetime. So by offering poha / beaten rice to none other than the Universal Form of the Lord Himself, Sudama had unknowingly done the greatest valued deed. By feeding the Lord, it is said that all the creatures on the world are fed. This small, selfless, and humble offering of Sudama is what actually brought him his fortunes. 

** Moral of the Story : Pure friendship never distinguishes between riches and poverty nor the status of each other. Thousands of years have passed by but “Krishna and Sudama Friendship Story” is remembered to date. Friendship is a sweet and lovely responsibility, not an opportunity to be taken as granted and True friend’s are God sent gifts to be valued … Friends make your life worth living by being there with you … in your joys and sorrows. One true friend can bring out that smile in your face that hundreds of people around you cannot do … So … Always treasure them … 

Shri krishna govind hare murari … Hey nath narayan vasudevaa
Radhe krishna radhe Krishna … Radhe radhe krishna Krishna

** Disclaimer : Pictures and Story : Compiled by me from various net sources and friends.

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