Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Homemade Chocolate With Nuts.

“Homemade Chocolate With Nuts” … Delicious Dark Chocolate’s filled with crunchy nuts …Chocolates specially Cadbury’s are my weakness and you don’t need an occasion to pop them in your mouth … They can brighten your mood when you roll them in your mouth before you enjoy biting on the crunchy nuts … Go ahead and Enjoy them sharing with your family and friends before they melt … Yummy Yumz ...

** Today's post being 1300 th post, I wanted to share with my friends from bloggers world here a sweet dish as a mark of gratitude for giving such a fabulous response. What other best way than to do so with by making and sharing "Chocolates with Nuts" my first post on chocolates. Long way to go on this one, sure to do so to ... but do Enjoy these Chocolate with Nuts before they melt ....

** Chocolate’s of all types specially Cadbury’s have been my weakness from childhood and it still continues. My father always brought loads of chocolates / toffees home for us and we always relished it. Those days limited varieties were available and were costlier too unlike today. Being a part of a large family, we always cut the chocolate bar into pieces and shared them. We were always taught to share and eat and the habit is still followed to date. Even a small bite of the yummy chocolate was enough to satisfy our taste buds. 

** I have always looked in awe at the amount of variations in chocolate available outside India and always envied the people’s luck. Now we get almost everything in India, but some of them are very expensive. I have come across many recipes of preparing the chocolate and tried them a few times. I enjoyed the homemade chocolates but my heart was always set on the beautiful designed ones available in the stores. 

** So, I went ahead and bought a silicon mold to prepare chocolates over an year back. Somehow lack of time and inability to obtain certain ingredients, never made me venture into making of chocolates. A few days back I bought a slab of dark chocolate compound from Morde’s. Though I have no much knowledge of preparing chocolates. I went ahead and prepared them after researching recipes on google sites. They came out beautiful, but yes I would still like to go into preparing them in many variations and learn new methods or recipes as I simply love chocolate and as I said they are my weakness. 

** This is a simple recipe, I have not done anything elaborate here except for the addition of coarsely powdered roasted nuts. It was very easy to prepare these chocolates. I have used the microwave for melting the dark chocolate compound you can use the double boiler method too. Always be careful and never overheat or cook the compound chocolates as they tend to get hardened.

For Preparing the Homemade “Chocolate With Nuts” Recipe ….
**  You will need one bar of dark chocolate compound and nuts of your choice.

** I roasted ¼ cup each of almonds, cashew nuts and melon seeds separately. I used the microwave for roasting. You can use the kadai method too. Just roast the seeds on medium flame separately till evenly slightly browned. 

** Put the roasted nuts in a pastel and crush them with weight to get coarsely ground powder. You can even put them into a nut cracker machine or mixer grinder and use the pulse mode. However, see to it that you just crush them and not powder the nuts. Mix them all together and keep them ready.

** Melting the dark chocolate compound (I used Morde) using microwave : Just put about 250 gms of chocolate cut into pieces into a MW proof glass bowl and run the microwave on high for 30 secs. Remove and mix with a spoon again put it in MW and run for 30 secs. Remove and mix the chocolate well so that there are no lumps. Do not add in water. If absolutely necessary add in just 1 tsp of water and mix well. The mixture should not be too thin. You may repeat the process for another 30 secs if required as the heat of MW of each machine is different, you have to use you judgement. But do not directly run the machine for 2 mins ad the chocolate at side then starts burning. Keep safe intervals of 30 secs or even less.

** If using double boiler method : Bring water to a boiling point and let simmer on medium heat. No in another bowl add in the chocolate pieces and hold this over the steam of simmering water. Do not let the water touch the bowl of chocolates. Remove and mix well. If needed hold it over the steam for some more seconds till you get a smooth lump free mixture.

** See to it that all ingredients like the roasted nuts, the mold, spoons etc. are all ready before you start the procedure of melting the chocolate. Once the chocolate is melted you should proceed the making fast or else the chocolate hardens.

** With the help of a small spoon pour in some melted chocolate into each mold. Say about ¼ level of the mold should be filled. Now with the help of the back of spoon gently apply the chocolate to the side surface of the the mold. You can also just tilt the molds in circular motion for the melted chocolate to evenly coat the sides of the mold. 

** Now fill the molds with crushed roasted nuts leaving about ¼ level of molds at top. Fill all the molds in similar method. Lastly pour the remaining melted chocolate on top of the nuts evenly so that the molds and filled to the brim level. 

** Slightly tap the molds to release the bubbles within if any. By doing this the melted chocolate will seep into the nuts and wherever there are gaps within, thus compacting the chocolate into one single piece. Be careful when doing this all it needs is a gentle tap on a hard surface and its done.

** I used silicon chocolate mold tray which had about 15 molds within. Put the mold gently into the fridge taking care to see that it is kept on a flat surface. You can use a tray or plate for support. Let the chocolate set properly in the fridge for a few hours. Say about 3-4 hours. Homemade Chocolate With Nuts are done and ready to be relished. 

** Gently remove the chocolates from the mold one by one. Do not force them out. Once you have removed them, put them in an air tight container and store it in fridge. Serve to friends, family and children and you will pleased with their reaction of joy as the relish this sweet.

** This is the way I prepared the chocolates as I have absolutely no knowledge about making the same. I prepared them the way I found easy and fast. Sure to learn many more methods and variations and share them here … so keep in touch … Enjoy the chocolates before they melt.

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