Monday, August 7, 2017

Bread Dosa.

“Bread Dosa” … An awesome Dosa that can be prepared in a jiffy … I served it with homemade lemon pickle … Again another instant dish that solve’s the dilemma of left over breads … I am always game for new recipes specially when food gets wasted … So when Bhama Narayan posted this dish, I was excited to do the same … Similar to the rava bhakri with bread that I posted earlier but here rice flour is added on … In all a yummy dosa sure to stay in my kitchen … I just tweaked a bit and made some variations by adding on some spices … Thanks Bhama for this wonderful recipe … We simply loved it …

Dosa's are a delight to eat for breakfast. It’s a very filling breakfast when served with some bhaji, sambar or chutney, it’s the most sought after breakfast in southern parts of India. We Konkani Saraswats have a huge collection of mix and match of traditional dosas. But then there are times when you are very busy and you just bring in some bread for breakfast or when you want to prepare eggs. Then comes the problem of left over slices of bread consumption. Here is an easy recipe that solves you problem of those side and left over breads or even the trimmed edges. I hate wastage of food and in my kitchen I hardly throw away any food. It is always either reheated and consumed or recycled and prepared into a new dish. That is why I always say that never cook dishes in bulk, where it is sure to get wasted. A little bit of left over dishes can always be recycled or turned into a new dish but if there is more then its sort of a waste as it will either be not edible or not appealing. In such cases I always give away the food on the very same day without hesitation instead of breaking my head later on thinking what can be done with the same. Bread however is something different. There are many dishes that can be prepared with bread and make it more innovative. I have included many dishes in my blog. Just use the search option for the same. Here for this dish I have used brown bread. You can use any bread, even sweet bread or ladhi pav that is famous in Mumbai.

** Here is my version of the Bread Dosa Recipe : Ingredients :
Brown Bread Slices : 4
Rava / Sooji / Rulav : 1 Cup
Rice flour : 2 tblsp 
Curd : ¼ Cup
Hing : ½ tsp
Green Chillies : 4-5 
Ginger : ½ inch piece 
Salt to taste.
Oil- for drizzling

** Cut the bread roughly into pieces. Do not trim/ cut the bread edges. Add on all together. 

** Put the bread piece in mixer grinder and run for a few seconds, you will get them crumbled. Now add in the green chillie, ginger, hing, curds and grind to a smooth paste. 

** Add in the rice flour and Rava and one cup of water and run the mixer for another minute to mix all together well. Remove the ground batter into a bowl. Leave it aside for 20 mins. 

** The bread and rava both soak up a lot of water, so beat the batter properly by adding salt to taste. Be careful with the salt as bread contains salt in it. If you find the batter too thick add in some water and mix well. The batter is now ready to remove dosas.

** Heat a Dosa pan to smoking point, lower the heat, add a teaspoon of oil and spread well with spatula. Spread it evenly with tissue paper with a light press. Do not press too hard, as the tava is hot, your hands may get burnt and also you may remove all the applied oil in the pan. I use this method of spreading with tissue to ensure there is no excess oil, as well as there is a thin layer / film of oil on the Iron Tava which is what I use regularly for removing dosas. 

** Now add a cupful of batter with a rounded spatula in the center of the tava and spread evenly into a round circle of about 8 inch diameter. Use light motion, do not press the spatula too much lest the dosa will tear. Also see to it that the dosa is kept a little bit thick and not spread thinly. Increase the heat to medium, add a tsp of oil all round the edges of the dosa and let cook uncovered till evenly browned on the bottom side. 

** Now with the help of the flat dosa spatula, gently loosen the dosa all round the rim of the dosa and then gently flip it over to cook the top portion too. Press down the dosa gently a little bit to get the roasted look on top of the dosa. It will hardly take a minute to cook the top side. Now remove the dosa with spatula and serve it hot immediately with chutney or any curry of your choice. Repeat the process and remove the required amount of dosas. 

** Once you have remove the required number of dosa's, immediately store the remaining batter in airtight box in the fridge for later use. Remains good for a day or two. When you want to remove hot and fresh dosa's, just remove the batter and keep it for half an hour to come to room temperature and then remove the dosa's. 

** Bread Dosa is ready to be served. You can serve this with chutney or pickle or any other side dish of your choice. Children will love this soft spongy dosa with jam of their choice. I served it with homemade lemon pickle (posted earlier in the blog). I had already added chillies and ginger that were not there in the original recipe, so the dosa was spicy enough to be served as it is. Go ahead and enjoy this dosa with your family and friends. No more wasting those left over breads. 

** An earnest Request : For all my Recipes, use the search option or the label section in the Blog. If you are still not able to find it please leave a message in comment section or mail me the same. You can also go to my page and leave a message and I will try my best to get back to you as soon as possible … Thank you.

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