Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Green Gram ~ Flax Seed ~ Dry.Ginger ~ Coconut Chutney Powder .

Green Gram (Moong/Mung) ~ Flax Seed (Alsi) ~ Dry.Ginger (Shunti) ~ Coconut Chutney Powder … Monsoon brings along with it, the season of back to back festivals … So, I came up with my very own concoction of chutney today as a solution to my dilemma of having a satvik chutney on those auspicious days … This one is both healthy and nutritious and at the same time spicy and fragrant with flavors that compliment each other well … You can enjoy them with any dish of your choice, like Dahi baat, Dosa, Idly, Dal-Chawal and many more … Do try this out, if you need a chutney that will remain good for a month and that which can be served on all occasions … Yummy Yumz ….... 

I am always in a fix when the season of festivals start. The four months which we call as chaturmasa that begin on Ashadi Ekadashi and end on Kartik Ekadashi are the months that are filled with back to back festivals which we Hindus follow religiously. Many avoid eating non-veg and stick to sativik food during these months, specially in the month of Shravan Masa. Though I do not follow it hard and fast, I do adhere to satvik food on the main festive days. I have always been flexible in both rituals and food habits. But festival days are those days when I strictly stick to my own set of rules. We Konkani Saraswats are foodies and have all sorts of dishes stored for such occasions. With changing of times things have changed and people have become health conscious. Time is another factor that is in short with all of us. There are so many things we want to do, but it is not possible due to the fast and hectic lifestyle we live in at present. Coming to these auspicious days, we avoid non-veg food and also onion and garlic on such days. Most of my dry chutney are garlic based as garlic flavour is loved in my home. Coconut is another that dominates all food in Saraswat house. I wanted one chutney that could both be preserved for at least a month and enjoyed with dosa / idly etc. so that I need not spend time in grinding chutney every day on these days, after all there are loads of other works that are lined up too. After thinking on nutrition terms too, I came up with this idea of dry chutney and for once gave it dry ginger flavour and I was really happy with the end result. Here is the recipe for all of you, do enjoy this one with any dish of your choce. 

Ingredients :
Whole Green Moong / Green Gram : 2 cups.
Flax Seed / Alsi : ½ cup
Curry Leaves Powder : ½ cup
Roasted Grated Coconut : 1 heaped cup
Kashmiri Red Chilly Powder : 1 cup 
Dry. Ginger (Shunti) Powder : ½ cup
Tamarind : Size of a small lemon
Salt : Almost ½ cup or to taste

** Dry roast the green gram (Moong / Mung) on low to medium flame till the colour changes slightly. You can also microwave the moong for 4 – 5 mins. You can choose any method that suits you. Keep this aside. I followed the microwave method.

** Dry roast the Alsi (Flax Seeds) on low to medium flame till they start to splutter a bit. Microwave method can be used here too, It will take about 6-8 mins depending upon the machine. Again choose method that suits you. I followed the microwave method.

** Dry roast the grated coconut on low to medium flame till turn into light brown in colour. You can use the dry coconut grated coconut available in the market too. Here too you can use the Microwave method, It will take about 6-8 mins depending upon the machine. Again choose method that suits you. I followed the microwave method.

** You can either Dry roast the curry leaves and powder it so that you will have about half a cup of the same or use Microwave method. Here I would like to mention, that I always buy curry leaves kilo wise and powder them and store in fridge to use for chutney powders as and when I want, I am sharing the link of the here for those of you who are interested in preparing the same. In case you do not want to do it, just roast about 2 cups of fresh curry leaves till they turn crisp and powder them. Choose any method.

** Here is the link for Curry leaves powder …

** You can use chilly powder or again roast the chillies and powder them. I prepare chilly powder in bulk during summer month by sun drying them and then sending them to mill to prepare the powder. You can use readily available one’s too. But do check the spice level before adding them to the powder as some are spicy while some are not. I always use Kashmiri red chillies as they are less spicier, which means I can add in more to get bulk in chutney and also it imparts a lovely colour. 

** Dry Ginger / Shunti powder again can also be directly bought in market or prepared in mixer. I bought from store in powder form only. You may follow your method. 

** Remember all ingredients have to be dry roasted before continuing with the grinding of chutney powder.

** In a mixer grinder add in the alsi (flax seeds) that were roasted and grind it a bit to coarse powder. Now add in the roasted green gram and grind further till both the ingredients are ground to fine powder. 

** Add in the chilly powder, dry ginger powder, curry leaves powder and half the amount of salt and grind further, till all are mixed well and are in powder form. Remove on a plate.

** Now in the same mixer grinder add in the roasted coconut, tamarind and the remaining salt and pulse grind till they are powdered well. Here use the pulse method as continuous grinding of coconut will sometimes result in the coconut leaving oil when it turns hot and then the chutney looses both texture and the flavor. So keep pulsing at intervals of 3 seconds till you get a nice textured powder.

** Add the ground mixture to the previous one and with a large fork or flat spatula mix all the powders together till they are evenly mixed. 

** Check the salt and add only if necessary. Similarly if you feel you can add in a little bit of chilly powder do so and mix well. 

** Green Gram (Moong) ~ Flax Seed (Alsi) ~ Dry.Ginger (Shunti) ~ Coconut Chutney Powder is ready. Put it in a sterilized glass bottle with a tight lid and keep the chutney stored away from sunlight.

** If you want to use the chutney for more the 2-3 weeks, store it in the fridge and it remains good for longer time. However, remove a little bit in different bottle and keep it out for some days use. 

** Enjoy this chutney along with Dalitoy-Rice or Dosa/Roti/Idly/Dahi Chawal etc. 

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