Thursday, July 6, 2017

Almond~Finger Millet~Sesame~Wheat Roti / Badama~Nanchani~Tilu-Ghova peeta Chapati.

Almond~Finger Millet~Sesame~Wheat Roti / Badama~Nanchani~Tilu-Ghova peeta Chapati … A sweet and spicy roti that goes well with simple raita or even plain curds … Children are sure to love this roti and can be safely given in their lunchboxes to school as it is very healthy~nutritious~tasty roti … There is sure going to be demand for more from their friends … Enjoy and Stay Healthy ......... 

Almonds, Nachani and Sesame are all considered to be storehouse for good health and also for healthy bones. So go ahead and introduce this into your lifestyle to build a healthier family, after all health is wealth and good bones are the backbones for lifetime. I had prepared a healthy coolant, a concoction of my own with Almonds, Nachani and white til / sesame two days back. It is a healthy drink, good for growing up children as well as others as it provides with the immense benefits of almonds, sesame and nachani. 

Almonds as we all know are good for development of brains, said to promote intelligence, while it also is good for building up of healthy cholesterol. Again they are considered good for bone and heart. Nachani is loaded with calcium a good one to be included in diet as it is excellent millet for bones strengthening. Sesame seeds are extremely beneficial for health, it is said to lower BP, build strong bones, improved digestion and much more. While all the three ingredients have excellent health benefits, it is but often overlooked by modern generation. Extremely busy life has made us reach out for fast foods and ready homemade deliveries, which are, not only zero on health benefits, but also are loaded with bad calories and other preservatives that are not at all good for health. Again, they may not be prepared under hygienic conditions. While it’s ok to have them occasionally, one should always develop and implement this good habit for themselves and to their families considering Health is the greatest Wealth. 

When I prepared the coolant and sieved it, I retained the residue left over and put it in fridge for further use as it was loaded with goodness and I did not want to just discard it. After thinking a lot, I decided to prepare roti / chapatti out of this with the addition of wheat floor. I am always game to new research / innovations as my family is very co-operative in such issues. This roti can be prepared and relished throughout the year immaterial of the season. Til / Sesame milk on its own is supposed to be consumed during winter / monsoon as it has a little bit of heat properties. But I have warded that off with the inclusion of nachani which has cooling properties. Therefore, I would highly recommend these roti’s once in a while for building stronger bones and health and yes pleasing your kids by offering it in their lunchbox. 

Procedure for making the roti :

** 1 cup residue of Almond~Finger Millet~Sesame Milk that was sieved.
** Just grind to a smooth paste 1 tsp almond powder, 1 tsp finger milled powder and 1 tsp fried polished white till to a smooth paste. Now add in 2 tsp of jaggery and a pinch of cardamom powder and grind all again to a smooth paste. 

** Put the prepared almond-finger millet-sesame residue / prepared mixture in a wide bowl. Add in a 2 tablsp of finely chopped green chillies, 1 tblsp of finely chopped coriander leaves, pinch of haldi, ½ tsp hing powder, ¼ tsp ajwain (optional), salt to taste and mix well. If you do not like addition of green chillies are some find it spicy if they bite on them and also some children are averse to it, in that case you can add in a teaspoon of red chilly powder too. 

** Now add in about 2-3 cups of wheat flour to the mixture and crumble all well together. Do not add all the wheat / atta flour in one go add in 2 cups and then If necessary add in more of wheat flour. Bind all to a smooth dough. The texture should be soft and the balls when rolled between palms should not crack. 

** Cover and keep this aside covered for about 10 minutes only. Roti atta should always be coverd and kept aside for about 30 mins as the gluten in the wheat gets released and the dough also become softer. But here since we have added in nachani / finger millet etc. setting aside 10 mins is enough or else the dough will get too soft and you may have to add some atta and knead it again prior to rolling.

** Now knead it again, divide it into large lemon sized portions and roll into into smooth balls and keep them aside. Roll the prepared balls in wheat flour, seeing to it that it is fully dusted with flour all round and roll it out into a round shaped roti / chapati. You can dust in more flour as your roll the ball if you find it difficult to roll the roti. You will get a round roti / chapati of about 8-10 inches in diameter. Do not roll the roti too thin. Keep it a little bit thicker in mm than normal roti.

** Heat a tava on high, when hot, lower the heat to medium, spread some ghee / oil on the tava and gently place the rolled chapati / roti. There should be no creases. Apply ghee / oil on the top surface and spread it with the back of the spoon. When roti / chapati gets cooked on bottom side, ie you will be abble to see some bubbles on the top, then flip over and cook the top side too till you get brown spotted crispy roti. Remove and keep it aside. 

** Repeat the procedure with the remaining prepared dough balls, by rolling into chapati and frying them on tava in similar manner. Almond~Finger Millet~Sesame~Wheat Roti / Badama~Nanchani~Tilu-Ghova peeta Chapati are ready. Best served hot with some simple Raita or Salad. But you can also serve them with any side dish curry or bhaji of your choice. You can relish this roti with only chutney or pickle too. I served them with Onion Boondi Raita and it was simply excellent. It complimented the roti very well. 

** For the Onion Boondi Raita Recipe, Please follow the link given below …..

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