Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Almond-Finger Millet-Sesame Milk / Badama-Nanchano-Tilache’ Doodh.

"Almond ~ Finger Millet ~ Sesame Milk / Badama ~ Nanchano ~ Tilache’ Doodh" … A healthy coolant concoction of my own that can be enjoyed any time of the year including days of Upvas / Fasting ... Almonds, Nachani and Sesame are all considered to be storehouse for good health and also healthy bones … So go ahead and introduce this into your lifestyle to build a healthier family, after all health is wealth and good bones are the backbones for lifetime …. Enjoy and Stay Healthy ...

Again I come up with a healthy coolant, a concoction of my own with Almonds, Nachani and white til … This is a healthy drink, good for growing up children as well as others as it provides with the immense benefits of almonds, sesame and nachani. Almonds as we all know are good for development of brains, said to promote intelligence, while it also is good for building up of healthy cholesterol. Again they are considered good for bone and heart. Nachani is loaded with calcium a good one to be included in diet as it is excellent millet for bones strengthening. Sesame seeds are extremely beneficial for health, it is said to lower BP, build strong bones, improved digestion and much more. While all the three ingredients have excellent health benefits, it is but often overlooked by modern generation. Extremely busy life has made us reach out for soft drinks which is not only zero on health benefits, but are loaded with bad calories and other preservatives that are not at all good for health. While its ok to have them occasionally, one should always develop and implement this good habit themselves and to their families considering Health is the greatest Wealth. Here is a simple and extremely beneficial coolant / cold drink that can be enjoyed throughout the year immaterial of the season. Til / Sesame milk on its own is supposed to be consumed during winter / monsoon as it has a little bit of heat properties. But I have warded that off with the inclusion of nachani with has cooling properties. So I would highly recommended this coolant once in a while for building stronger bones and health.

Ingredients :
White Til / Sesame : ½ cup
Nachani / Finger Millet : ½ cup
Coarse Almond Powder : ¼ cup
Jaggery / Gud : 200 gms grated.
Cardamom Powder : ½ tsp
Pinch of Keshar / Saffron (Optional)
Water : as required. (Approximately 1 liter)

** Wash and drain well about sesame/white til and nachani / finger millet after picking them to clean if any dirt. Drain well and spread them on thick cloth and leave to dry overnight. 

** Note : 
1. You can use polished til / sesame in which case you can avoid the step of washing and drying them. I used polished white til which is available in Mumbai during the month of Jan. I store them in fridge for longer shelf life.
2. You can use powdered nachani / finger millet readily available in the stores. 

** Once the nachani and til are dried, next morning fry them on low heat for a few minutes. Till they are a little bit roasted and splutter. If using polished till you can just roast them as it is. No need of roasted the nachani powder if using powder form. 

** Now put the roasted nachani, til and the coarsely ground almond powder in the mixer grinder and grind to a smooth paste with water. Once it is smooth, enough add in the grated jaggery and continue till all are well blended into a smooth paste. 

** Remove and strain the paste adding in water through a fine sieve. Add in the remaining water and mix well. 

** Note : Do not discard the residue obtained while straining the paste. You can prepare yummy dishes with the same as it is filled with fiber and nutrients. I prepare many items. But this time I prepared sweet and spicy roti with the same. Recipe to follow back to back soon. So Just put it in an airtight dabba / box and keep it in the fridge for later use. 

** Add in the cardamom powder to the Almond ~ Finger Millet ~ Sesame Milk and mix well. Put this the fridge to cool before serving or if you want to serve this coolant immediately, use chllled water for addition once the ingredients and ground. That way you can serve this immediately. 

** Almond ~ Finger Millet ~ Sesame Milk / Badama ~ Nanchano ~ Tilache’ Doodh / Coolant is ready to be served. Serve this chilled to all in your family young and old and reap in the health benefits. Enjoy and Stay Healthy. 

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