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Salla Sanna khotto / Brined Raw Jackfruit Spicy Idly.

“Salla Sanna khotto / Brined Raw Jackfruit Spicy Idly” ... A Spicy And Delicious Saraswat Konkani dish prepared either as khotto (Jackfruit leaves baskets) or on banana leaves (Muddo) and served during lunch / dinner time with Dal chawal. Tastes very yummy when served with a tblsp of coconut oil poured over it ….... 

There are many variations in preparing this dish. These are called khotto or muddo. Usually that which is prepared on jackfruit leaves baskets are called khotto and those prepared on banana plantain leaves are called muddo. Some other varieties of leaves are also used for preparing muddo like badam, teak, turmeric etc. The basic ground paste remains the same so does raw rice ground / Idly rava added to it. However tuvar dal is added by some while some do not add it. You can add on many different types of veggies and prepare the same. I have posted many varieties of sanna khottes / muddos prepared here in the Blog. Do use the search option for searching them under the label Sanna khotto. This Sanna khotto is prepared using Salla (In konkani) which is actually raw jackfruit brined ie put in salt water and stored. We Amchies prepare them during summer month when raw jackfruits are available plenty. The method of brining is a preservative method to store them basically for use during monsoon when due to heavy rains in some southern parts of India it becomes very difficult to venture out. The brined jackfruits remain good for over a year. These are also available in south Indian stores. I always buy them from stores in bulk and again prepare salt water and store them in large glass jars myself. You can prepare simple bhaji, sukka, gojju, sanna polo / khotto, koddel and many more dishes with these brined items. Here I have ground them along with the masala and used them while preparing the spicy khotto. Tastes simply lovely when served along with dalitoy and sheetHa ie Dal-Chawal. 

** Add some 20 pieces of brined (mitaka ghallele / salt water one's) raw jackfruits in plenty of water for some time and then rinse them well to remove the excess salt in them. This ensures that the dishes do not turn salty on preparation. As we are using brined one’s this precaution must be taken lest the dish will not be pleasant to eat. 

** Cut them into small pieces and keep them ready. In all you should have about 2 packed cups of the pieces. Keep them ready aside.

** In a large flat bottomed bowl add in 4 cups of Idly Rava / Rice Rava and add in water enough water to soak it properly. Keep this aside for 10 minutes and then drain off slowly the excess water from the top by tilting the vessel. All excess water on top should be removed slowly. Be careful, the rice rava should not get drained off. Leave this aside ready.

** To be Ground : Add 1 heaped cup of freshly grated coconut into the mixer grinder with 12-15 Dried Red chillies (I used kashmiri) and a small marble sized tamarind to a smooth paste. Now add in the raw jackfruit pieces and further grind till done. 

** Note : The no of chillies depends upon individual preference and also the spice level of the chillies you are going to use. Do use your own judgement for the same. I used kashmiri red chillies that are less spicy, give good colour and bulk. You may use any dried red chilly suitable to you. 

** Now add the prepared mixture to the rice rava / Idly rava and mix well. Check the salt level and add only if necessary. Remember these are brined / salted jackfruit pieces. The mixture should not be thin nor too thick. The texture of the mixture should be that of bhakri which we make patting on tava. I have added in a picture below for you to judge the consistency of the mixture. You should be able to give it a bit of soft ball shape when rolling in hand.

** Note : If Idly Rava / Rice Rava is not available in your vicinity you can just soak ordinary rice for 2 hours in plenty of water. Then drain off the water well and coarsely grind them in mixer grinder and use the same too. Traditionally that was the method being used. I will soon add on the same too.

** Pour the mixture into the Jackfruit leaves baskets and fill it upto ¾ level only. (I have already given the method of preparing jackfruit leaves baskets elsewhere in the blog, do use search option and check if required). You can also use Idly moulds or flat pan which ever suits you and fits well inside the pedavan / Idly steamer. Just see to it that you oil the molds properly. Just check for Idly type method on any Idly dish and it will enable you to understand better.

** Keep the pedavana / Idly steamer with required amount of water and bring to a boil. Keep the prepared khottos in the pedavan / Idly steamer and steam for 5 minutes on high flame and then about 25 minutes on medium flame. 

** Remove and let cool a bit before you gently unmould them from whichever method you have used to make the khottos. 

** Salla Sanna khotto / Brined Raw Jackfruit Spicy Idly are done and are ready to be served. Serve hot during lunch / dinner time with Dal chawal. You can add a tblsp of coconut oil on top of the hot Khotto / Idly. Enjoy this delicious spicy khottos with family and friends. I am sure they will love this one.  I repeat, do not be disheartened if these leaves are not available. Just put them into idly molds or into a flat deep vessel and steam. You can cut them to pieces if poured in large flat plates. 

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