Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Rawas Alle ~ Piyava Gashi / Indian Salmon Ginger ~ Onion Curry.

“Spicy Rawas Alle ~ Piyava Gashi / Indian Salmon Ginger ~ Onion Curry adding Kudampuli (Malbar Tamarind) and Green Chillies” … This is a favourite Konkani Saraswat curry prepared with fish that goes very well with Boiled Rice / Ukde SheetHa … Made it a little bit spicier than usual as Rawas is a little bit sweeter fish … Yummy … Tastes simply awesome … 

I have already posted alle – piyava gashi / curry with ginger onion many times before with different types of fish. This is a common fish curry in Konkani Saraswat household. However, the preparation is usually with Mackerel or Pomfret. I have also posted the same with Small Shark too. Today, I prepared Rawas / Indian Salmon in gashi style with the addition of alle ~ piya ie. Ginger and onions. I also used Kudampuli (Malbar Tamarind) a sour type of fruit to the curry used extensively in southern parts of India specially Kerala State instead of tamarind. I kept the curry a little bit spicier than from my usual preparation as Rawas is a little bit sweeter fish and I wanted a spicier curry. The curry was really awesome and I really did sigh with relief when my hubby enjoyed it very much, well he likes it spicier. So, here goes the curry. Do try it, tastes awesome when served with hot Ukada rice / Boiled Red Rice.

** I used 1 medium sized Rawas / Indian Salmon fish for this curry. In all I got about 10-12 pieces of ¾ inch thick sliced fish. Remove the remains in the stomach side if any, cleaning the fish well. In Mumbai we get them scaled, sliced and cleaned with the fish vendor itself. All to be done is clean the stomach portion for remnants and wash them clean in plenty of water gently. Always be careful when handling fish as they tend to break easily. Remove and keep it aside ready.

** For the Masala : Grind to a smooth paste 2 cups of freshly grated coconut with 12-15 red kashmiri dried chilly. I always use Kashmiri red chillies to get that bright red colour. If using any other dried red chillies, do use your judgment for the spice level. I have not added tamarind as I added Kudampuli (Malbar Tamarind) a sour type of fruit to the curry used extensively in southern parts of India specially Kerala State. If using tamarind add a small marble sized piece while grinding itself. The paste should be very finely ground. Remove and keep this ready.

** Put the ground masala in a wide flat vessel. Always use flat wide utensils to cook fish. The fish then can be laid evenly and not topped over each other which tend the fish to break as fish cooks very fast. Add in a bit of water if necessary to bring to thick gravy consistency and bring it to a boil, lower the heat and add in 2 tblsp of finely chopped ginger pieces, 4-5 medium sized green chilly slit lengthwise and one large sized onion also finely chopped. Wash and add 4-5 pieces of Kudampuli (Malbar Tamarind) also to the curry. Mix well adding salt to taste and bring to a boil. Once it comes to a boil, lower the heat and add in the fish pieces. 

** Now on medium heat bring the fish with gravy to a boil. See that you place the fish pieces distributed evenly all over and not toppled one on another. Cook for 3 minutes on medium heat. Stirring with a spatula / ladle should be avoided to prevent the fish from breaking. Just gently rotate or tilt leftwards and rightwards the vessel with the help of tongs. Be careful as you may pour off the gravy. You will need a bit of practice for this, but you will slowly learn the trick. When the curry is ready pour a tablespoon of coconut oil on top of it, remove from heat and cover with a lid. Let the fish absorb the flavors for some time say 15-20 minutes before serving hot with rice.

** “Spicy Rawas Alle~Piyava Gashi / Indian Salmon Ginger~Onion Curry adding Kudampuli (Malbar Tamarind) and Green Chillies” is ready to be served. This curry goes best when served with rice. You may serve it with any type of rice you use, but I personally enjoy fish curries with Red Boiled Rice / Tambde Ukde SheetHa a typical South Indian Rice that is available almost all round the world. If you want you may for once try out this rice as it is considered very good for health. I have posted the method of cooking the same as a separate post in this blog. Do search in the option provided or you may send me a mail for any queries.  This curry also tastes superb if served after 6-8 hours as the fish gets completely absorbed in masala and vice versa. Do try that also once. Just leave the curry aside tightly covered for 8 hrs and then bring it to a boil on medium heat and then serve the same. It tastes really awesome. 

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