Saturday, June 3, 2017


Potato-Tomato-Gojju.2 .... A delicious side dish that goes very well with Dal-Chawal. 

Gojju is a side dish served along with other dishes. There are many varieties of gojjus prepared with different types of veggies. In my home we love this very much as potato is our favourite. This is a gojju my MIL used to make often and my hubby loves it very much. I have already posted this dish a few years back, but I am repeating the same as I have made minute changes. You may follow any method as there is hardly much of difference. Just check on the label on Gojju on search option for the recipe.

Potato : 2 large sized.
Tomato : 3 large sized or 4 medium sized.
Green Chillies : 4-5 cut lengthwise.
Salt to taste.

For Tempering :
Mustard Seeds : 1 tsp
Jeera / Cumin Seeds : ½ tsp
Hing / Asafoetida : 1 tsp
Curry Leaves : 6-8
Coconut Oil (Optional) : 1 tsp

** For Preparing Gojju : Peel of the skin of the potatoes and cut them into medium sized pieces. Wash and put them in a pressure cooker pan. Wash the tomatoes, wipe them and cut them also into medium sized pieces. Add them also into the pressure cooker pan along with 1 cup of water. Cover the lid and pressure cook to 2-3 whistles. Let the pressure drop on its own and let the potatoes and tomatoes cool down a little bit. Once they have cooled down, put them into a bowl and roughly mash with a potato masher together till you get the required consistency. Do not mash them too fine like dal. There should be some tiny granules of potato and tomato left. Add in salt to taste and the slit green chillies. Mix well and keep this ready.

** For tempering : In a small pan add in the coconut oil (optional – you can use any oil) and bring to heat. When hot lower the heat to minimum and add in the jeera when the colour changes add in the mustard seeds and when they begin to splutter add the hing and curry leaves. Fry all for a few seconds and pour over the prepared potato-tomato goujj. 

** Potato-Tomato Gojju is ready to be served. Serve immediately or at the most within an hour or two after preparing as you cannot keep this at room temperature for long time. This is a side dish that goes very well with Dalitoy and Rice. You can serve this with hot rice too. If you need to serve it later on keep it in fridge in air tight container and remove 30 mins before serving to bring to room temperature. However, the taste is somehow lost if not served fresh and I recommend serving this gojju fresh to enjoy its taste. 

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