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Ponsa Muddo / Ripe Jackfruit Dumplings.

“Ponsa Muddo / Ripe Jackfruit Dumplings” … A Yummy Sweet Konkani Delicacy Prepared on Kudchampe / White Champa flower Leaves … A very inviting Aroma of Jackfruit fills the home when steamed … For a change I somehow managed to get some of these leaves and fulfilled my long cherished dream of making them on these leaves … Yummy and Delicious … 

Ponsa Muddo is similar to Patholi which I had prepared earlier which is also known as Muddo but usually for patholi we keep churan made of jaggery and coconut as center filling and we avoid them in muddo. But its entirely upto each individuals desire to prepare that which suits them the best. The earlier one’s I posted were prepared with Lapsi / Bansi Rava / Kanik Rava on turmeric leaves while today I prepared this as muddo style with the addition of Rice Rava / Idly rava available in the market. And I prepared them on Kudchampa / White Champa flower leaves. This was my long cherished dream to make them on these leaves. Somehow in Mumbai its difficult to get them. Not that they are not available, they are planted in socities, but you can’t barge in and remove and I just used to prepare them in vaties. The Thane Municipal Corporation has now planted these bush sized trees all over the city for my pleasure and some in internal roads too. That is how I managed to get a few. Well being a tree lover I plucked only those that would otherwise have been trimmed off according to Mali / gardener. So in all I got about a dozen that’s all. But yes to my happiness was much more as it was also the ponosu / ripe jackfruits were still available thought he season is coming to an end. So here are these sweet muddos that everybody loved very much topped with melted homemade ghee. Yummy yumz.

The batter / mixture for this muddo recipe is prepared all together unlike the other patholi where there is a outer cover and inner filling. There are kept in the center as one filling. The leaves are then folded over, pressed well to form a crescent shape, sealed well and steamed for some time till done. These muddo / patholi’s are thin and long in shape. The aroma of. If it is difficult to get these leaves in your vicinity you can prepare the same in turmeric leaves as posted earlier or you can prepare the same in teak leaves. Again you can use plantain leaves too. And the most common of all you can prepare them in Jackfruit leaves baskets / khotto too. I had a little bit batter left over so I used the jackfruit leaves and made a few khotto's too.

For the preparation of Ponsa Muddo / Ripe Jackfruit Dumplings : 

** Cut the stem side edges of 12 kudchampa leaves, wash and wipe them clean. Keep this ready. If the turmeric leaves are too big in length, you can cut them horizontally into two pieces. 

** For the ponsa mixture : You will need 15 large fresh ripe jackfruits. Remove the inner seed / bikkand and keep it aside. You can add it to any curry, so don’t discard it. Remove any excess attached stems to it if any. You should have only the edible juicy plump fruit. Cut them roughly into small pieces. Put the pieces in the mixer grinder along with 1.5 cups of freshly grated coconut and grind to a semi fine paste. Do not add any water. If you wish you can keep a handful of chopped pieces aside and add them later on to the mixture. Lastly add in about 250 gms of grated jaggery and grind all till well combined. Again do not add any water. The Jackfruit contains enough water and once you add in the jaggery it melts and the texture becomes thinner.

** Put the ground mixture in a mixing bowl. Add in about 3 cups of Idly rava / Rice rava to the mixture and mix well. Add in ½ tsp of salt and ½ tsp of cardamom powder (Optional, I do not add as I like to retain jackfruit flavour) and mix well. If the mixture is a little bit thinner add in a little bit more of the rava. The mixture should come to a smooth and soft rolling ball consistency similar to the bakri. Keep aside for 5-10 minutes. There should be no water leaving sides whatsoever.

** If Idly Rava / Rice Rava is not available in your vicinity you can just soak ordinary rice for 2 hours in plenty of water. Then drain off the water well and coarsely grind them in mixer grinder and use the same too. Traditionally that was the method being used. I will soon add on the same too. 

** Meanwhile keep the cut kudchampa leaves in a row on a platform or table while taking care to see that the darker inner side of the leaves should be facing on the top towards you. 

** Take a large ball of the ponsa / jackfruit mixture and put it on the leaves in an oblong shape evenly leaving out ½ inch gap on all side of the outer edges of the leaves and ensuring you leave some space towards the top and bottom too. This is to ensure that when you fold over the leaves, into half moon type shapes, the center filling should get stuffed inside ie sealed within the leaves. 

** Do not keep the mixture too thick nor too thin. I have enclosed pictures for proper knowledge of the same. Now fold over the leaves, and press gently so that they become compact. Do not apply excess pressure, which may then result in the mixture coming out of the leaves.

** Heat a pedavan / Idly steamer / steaming vessel with adequate amount of water. When it comes to full boil, lower the heat, keep the chalni / plate with hole that fits into it (You get it with the vessel) and gently keep the muddo / patholi in a layer, parallel to one another, seeing to it that they are kept with the opening side upwards. This is to ensure proper steaming and also that the mixture does not fall of if kept in any other way. 

** If there are more muddos / patholis made than that which holds in a single layer. Just steam first layer for 10 minutes and then place the seccond layer on top of the first one changing its angle a bit or keeping them horizontal if the first one is laid vertically and then steam for 20 minutes. This is to ensure that all the muddos / patholis get evenly steamed. If you place them in rows all together in one go sometimes the centre ones will not get proper steam due to which they may not get cooked properly. In all you should steam for about 30 minutes.

** When done remove and put them gently on a plate and allow to cool to room temperature. Serve muddo / patholi topped with fresh homemade melted ghee or as it is. Anyway served this is simply delicious and lovely as a tea time break or to beat away in between hunger pangs. Do prepare them in whichever mode of molds available to you and enjoy them with family and friends.

Note : I have added in detailed pictures showing the process of the making of ponsa / jackfruit muddo. Please check on the pictures for proper guidance while preparing the same. If still in doubt, you can either check on any You Tube for the same and get the gist of it or you can leave a comment or message me for any guidance. I have also added the detailed picture link of previously prepared ponsa patholi on turmeric leaves which will help understand steaming procedure better. Juck check the link given at the bottom of the recipe for the same. 

** Here is the link to Ponsa Patholi for detailed method …

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