Thursday, June 29, 2017

Karate' Ani Karmbala Talasani / Bitter Gourd ~ Star Fruit Garlic Fry.

Karate' Ani Karmbala Talasani / Bitter Gourd ~ Star Fruit Garlic Fry / …. Karate' / Karela / Bitter Gourd / Haagala Kaayi as all of you know is bitter in taste and Karmbala / Karmbola / Star fruit is tart in nature. The combination of these two gives you an awesome bitter and tangy tasted vegetable to which when you a little bit of jaggery and garlic … the taste is simply much more enhanced … Do add in Karelas to your diet they are filled with health benefits, though bitter in nature … Kadva Sach Hey … Yummy Yumz

All of us are fully aware that karela / karate is very good for health, many of us love it too. But some don’t like this veggie as it bitter and some children simply will have nothing to do with it. All said and done Karate / Karela is a bundle of nutients and a unique vegetable-fruit that can be used as food or medicine. It is the the most bitter among all fruits and vegetables. Did you know that karate / karela is also known as a fruit The part of the plant that is used for consumption and for various medicinal purposes is the fruit of the bitter squash. The benefits of the juice prepared from this vegetable-fruit contains important nurtients like iron, magnesium, viatamin, potassium and vitamin C. Also an excellent content of fiber and is high on calcium too. The best way to enjoy the benefits of karela is to adapt them into our diet as often as possible. A little bit of jaggery / gud added while cooking makes it less bitter. Slowly the taste will get adapted to by our taste buds. So make it a habit to add this into your food habits and give your children that healthy life that will be continued by them too and so on. And to their delight you can always lure them into eating it by offering those sugar toffees once they have the food. Here is a simple bhaji, that can be prepared and enjoyed with roti / paratha / dosa or even Dalitoy – Rice.

** Wash and pat dry 2-3 large sized karelas. I used the light green variety that is a little bit less bitter, you can use the dark coloured one’s too. Slice off the edges on both sides and cut them into rings. Wash them again in plenty of water. I have not removed the seeds within, but if you do not want them you can remove and use the rings only. However, the seeds have lots of beneficial properties in them, so my suggestion would be to retain them. 

** Wash about 2-3 large sized Karmbala / Karmbola / star fruit, snip of both the side ends and cut them also into rings. Keep them ready aside.

** In a thick bottomed pan, Heat 1 tblsp of oil, when hot lower the heat and add in 10-12 garlic (skin peeled) and fry till they turn brownish. 

** Add in 1 large tablespoon of sambar powder, pinch of haldi powder and fry for a few minutes. If you find that the powder is getting burnt, just sprinkle some water.

** Add in the sliced karelas along with ½ cup water, mix well and bring to a boil. 

** Add salt to taste and 50 gms of grated jaggery and mix well. Cover, lower the heat to medium and cook till half done.

** Note : Add in a tablespoon of tamarind pulp or juice of tamarind soaked in water and mix well if not adding in bimbul or karmbala.

** Once the karelas are half cooked add in the karmbala / star fruit and mix well. Cover and cook till done. Karmbala cooks fasts, so it is added once the karelas are half cooked otherwise they will get mushy and mashed. Raise the heat and evaporate the water left if any. 

** The Karate Ani Karmbala Talasani / Bitter Gourd ~ Star Fruit Garlic Fry is ready to be served. Serve this hot with Dalitoy and Rice tastes simply great. 

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