Thursday, May 18, 2017

Red Beans (Tingalavro) ~ Breadfruit (Jeevi Kadgi) ~ Idly Rava Spicy Idly (Sanna Idly)

Tambdo Tingalavro ~ Jeevi Kadgi ~ Idly Rava Sanna Idly(Muddo) / Red Beans ~ Breadfruit ~ Idly Rava Spicy Idly …... My very own take off on sanna khotto / Idly / muddo an typical Amchi dish but with variation ….. tastes awesome when served with Dalitoy and Rice as an accompaniment ….

Sometimes mishaps does happen in cooking certain pulses and though at times it will have to be discarded, there are times when we can change it and reuse it and make some other item out of the same. Food should never be wasted unless it is inevitable is my policy at home. When I had purchased Red Beans / Red Tingalavaro from Mall for the first time, it never struck me that it would not cook to softness. After soaking it overnight and pressure cooking it for 4-5 whistles I found to my dismay that it was about 60% cooked. I cooked it further for another 5-6 whistles in pressure cooker, but still it was a little bit kaccha meaning yet to be done sort. I knew this bean either had to be discarded or eaten 90% cooked which did not appeal me. 

I Strained the water in which it was cooked and made some rasam out of the same and put the cooked beans in fridge so that I could think about it later once I came back home. Back home I removed the beans and thought of preparing cutlets out of the same. I had prepared vadas before with black eyed beans. But then I remembered that there was some breadfruit in the freezer which I had also kept aside as it had gone soft. On an impulse I just put the breadfruit and red beans in mixer and ground it to a coarse paste added on spices, chopped onions and Idly rava and steamed it in Idly vaties similar to how we prepare Sanna khotto / Idly / muddos. The result was simply amazing. The Idly was spicy and bouncing soft. I was very happy with the dish as I had not added in any coconut while preparing the same and yet it was spongy soft. I served with dalitoy and rice. Sure to try many more versions for sure. Keep an eye on my blog for many such healthier versions of traditional old dishes. 

Soak 1 cup of red tingalavro / red beans in plenty of water overnight or for 8 hrs. Remove and rinse properly. Put them in a pressure cooker pan along with 2 cups of water and pressure cook to 6-8 whistles on medium heat. Let cool properly. When you are able to open the lid, open and let cool. then strain the cooked liquid from the beans and keep it aside. Do not discard the water in which it is cooked, you can prepare rasam / sambar using this strained liquid. Tastes awesome. 

Slice off thinly the outer skin of the jeevi kadki / breadfruit and cut it horizontally and then vertically. Remove the inner pith and cut into small pieces. Add in the cooked and drained red beans / red tingalavro along with about 150 gms of soft jeevi kadgi / breadfruit pieces in a mixer grinder and grind to a coarse paste. 

Remove in a broad flat vessel. Add in salt to taste, 2 tblsp of kashmiri red chilly powder, 1 tsp hing / asafoetida powder, 1 tsp of tamarind paste, 3 onions peeled and cut into fine pieces and mix well. Add in about 2 cups of Idly rava and mix well. Sprinkle water only if necessary. If need be you can add in another half cup of Idly rava if you find the batter too soft. 

Gently pour the mixture into the moulds /vati to ¾ th level only and press down evenly. You should leave gap on top of the moulds as the batter will rise when getting steamed. I have used round 1.5 inch deep vati / cups / tumbler /moulds here to get rounded shaped Idlies, you may choose whichever is suitable to you. Remember to apply oil to the molds before adding in the batter. Applying of oil to the moulds ensures that the batter / mixture does not stick to it and comes off cleanly without crumbling once the Idly is steamed and cooled a bit.

Keep the Idly steamer / pedavana with required amount of water to heat on high level. When it reaches full steam, lower the heat and gently place in the steel vaties / moulds one by one in a single layer, then keep the separtor and place some more vaties in layers and so on. I have a three tiered Idly steamer, where I can place four vaties in each layers in all adding to 12 Idlies. Cover the lid tightly. Increase the heat and steam for 5-10 minutes or till you see steam escaping through the lid, then lower the heat to medium and steam for 20 minutes. 

The time for steaming process here depends on the size of the moulds. Smaller one’s take lesser time while larger one’s should be steamed a little bit more for evenly cooked Idlies. If using larger moulds you can steam for about 45 minutes in all ie. 10 + 30-35 Minutes. Remove and cool a bit. Run a blunt knife through the edges on the inner side of the vaites / moulds and gently flip over the vaties / molds and tap it a bit to bring out the steamed Idly in one go. Serve the spicy Idly topped with a tsp of coconut oil with Dalitoy and Rice as an accompaniment. 

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