Monday, May 1, 2017

Raw Mango ~ Cucumber Pachodi.

Raw Mango ~ Cucumber Pachodi … Spicy dish familiar to all Mangaloreans who have enjoyed this at some points specially during car festival, today however I made a change and added in some cucumber too …… Yumz …...

Pachodi is a sort of salad with addition of spices. Just a mixture of raw mango sliced into fine small pieces and mixed with spices. This is a dish we enjoyed throughout our childhood. This is to date available during the car festival ie Rata saptami time in Mangalore and we children used to enjoy eating this. However, the normal pachodi is prepared only with raw mangoes, I have posted it before, today for a change I added finely chopped in cucumber too. Yummy it is really awesome to munch on as a snack. Simple recipe yet awesome dish. 

Wipe clean, one large raw mango and cut into small pieces. The pieces should be finely cut for preparation of pachodi, otherwise it does not turn out tasty.

Similarly, peel of the skin of one large cucumber and cut them also into small pieces. Again these pieces also should be cut into fine pieces for proper mixing of pachodi.

Mix both the cut pieces of raw mango and cucumber in a wide steel bowl. Add in a tablespoon sambar powder (your can also use chilly powder), ½ tsp of hing powder, 1 tablespoon of coconut oil, 1 tsp of kala namak (or any salt to taste) and mix well. Serve this immediately. Do not leave this aside as the water content from the cucumber seeps out. Enjoy this with your family. You may increase or decrease the spice content as per your taste. 

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