Thursday, May 25, 2017

Raw Jackfruit Sukka / Kadgi Sukke.

Raw Jackfruit Sukka / Kadgi Sukke …. A delicious dry masala curry with the splendid aroma of garlic …. Goes very well with chapati / dosa / naan / paratha / poori . For a change prepared this sukka from kadgi which is very famous down Southern parts of Inda …. This is quite similar to our very own Amchi chakko … but more flavourful … Yummy ........

Jackfruit be it Raw or Ripe is a fruit available all round India and almost each one has their own method of preparing the same. Both ripe and raw jackfruit gives awesome dishes when prepared as it is or with combination of other vegetables or fruits. We Konkani Saraswats have some of our own traditional dishes with both raw and ripe jackfruit. Chakko a dry masala dish is the most famous dish, while the same is also added as an accompaniment with pulses and made into spicy curries. As for the ripe one’s that way too many fav. Dishes that are traditional and prepared in season. Mulik, gharai, payasam, muddo are some of the most sought after dishes. Adaption of other dishes to my liking is one of my favorite passion. I have prepared many dishes using this while this time I prepared a dish that is simlar in texture to chakko, but taste wise has different flavour. Goes very well with chapati / paratha / roti etc. 

Ingredients : 
Raw Jackfruit : 500 gms
Onion : 2 large sized sliced thinly lengthwise. 
Mustard Seeds / Rai : 1 tsp
Haldi / Turmeric Powder : ½ tsp
Red Chilly Powder : 1 tblsp
Curry Leaves : 12-15
Salt to taste
Oil : 3 tblsp

For Masala :
Coconut : 1 cup freshly grated.
Green Chilies : 3-4
Ginger : 1 inch piece
Garlic : 10-12 large sized
Jeera : 1 tsp
Coriander : 1 tblsp
Methi : 1/8 tsp or a pinch.
Tamarind : small marble sized ball

In my locality we get the raw jackfruit all cleaned and cut into huge chunks while purchasing. But if you don’t get it, just slice off the spiked skin portion of the jackfruit and the center pith and then cut them to pieces. See to it that you oil your hands and the knife as jackfruit is sticky and has a rubber like liquid oozing out while cutting the same. Cut them into pieces, wash well and put them in a pressure cooker pan with enough water to cook the same. Again see to it that you brush some oil on the inside of the pressure cooker to prevent the jackfruit from sticking to the base of the cooker pan. 

Pressure cook the jackfruit to one whistle only. It does not take much time in cooking and we don’t want it too mashed up. So plz. be careful while adding the water. About one cup is more than enough. Let the pressure drop on its own. Once able to open the lid, do so and allow to cool a little bit. Once it has cooled down a little bit with the help of a light weight mash them all over gently. Do not make them mushy, just crush a little bit to flaky texture. I have enclosed a picture for proper understanding.

Grind all the items to be ground into a semi coarse paste. Do not grind to a very smooth paste. It should be a little bit on coarser side at the same time all the ingredients should have been well mixed. Do not add In more water. Just grind with little bit, only that much which is necessary. Keep this ready aside.

In a thick bottomed kadai, add in the oil and bring to heat. When hot enough add in the mustard seeds, when they start to crackle add in the curry leaves followed by haldi / turmeric powder and red chilly powder. Fry for a second. Now add in the sliced onions and fry on medium heat till they turn translucent. Now add in the flaked cooked raw jackfruit and mix well. Add in the ground masala, salt to taste and mix well till well combined. Add water only if necessary.

This is a dry masala dish. The masala should just about bind the jackfruit, that’s all. But if you find it difficult to mix, then you can add half a cup of water and mix well. Cover with a tight lid and let cook on slow fire for 7-10 mins. Keep mixing in between to avoid the masala getting stuck at the bottom. The masala should get cooked properly. If need be cook for another 5 mins. Remove and keep aside for 15 mins for flavours to seep in. Serve with Dalitoy – Rice or Chapati / roti / paratha / Naan. You can serve this with dosa too, tastes awesome. I served this with Urad-Rice-Rava Dosa and it tasted yummy.

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