Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Raw Jackfruit ~ Onion Bajias / Kadgi ~ Piyava Bajo.

“Cripsy Raw Jackfruit ~ Onion Bajias (Fries) / Kurkuri Kadgi ani Piyava Bajo” …… An awesome concoction of Raw Jackfruit (Kadgi) along with Onions fried crisply ..… You can relish this as it is / as a starter or simply with our very own Dalitoy and Rice …. Yummy …. Mummy Bhookh Lagi Hey …..

Kurkuri is just another word for deep fried crispy bajias. Bajias are one of the most loved snack item all round India. Nobody can resist this crispy fried items specially during winter and rainy seasons. I have already posted a combination of onion and bhendi bajias. Actually today was just not the day when I wanted to prepare these crispies. But I had prepared kadgi chakko / raw jackfruit dry curry yesterday and had pressure cooked the kadgi and kept it ready when I realized that the grated coconut for masala woul fall short. The ground masala yielded was much lesser than that what was required for the cooked and mashed kadgi. So I removed and put some of it and stored it in airtight box in fridge. Today I was wondering what do do with the stored cooked mashed kadgi when I remembered seeing some tikkies of the same on google. So thought why not prepare some bajias with the addition sliced onions. And that is how the birth of raw jackfruit-onion bajias took place. The recipe is same as the one I follow when preparing kanda / onion bajia but with the addition of raw jackfruit. So here it is Crispy Crispy Raw Jackfruit - Onion Kurkuri. Very simple to make. I have already blogged bhendi kurkuri and onions fries separately before and in combination too. Please do check under the label Bajo for the recipes of the same.

Ingredients :
Raw Jackfruit : 200 gms.
Onions : 3 medium sized.
Coriander Seeds : 2 tblsp
Hing / Asafoetida Powder : 1 tsp
Red Chilly Powder : 2 heaped tblsp
Besan / Chana dal flour : 4-5 heaped tblsp
Rice Powder : 2 tblsp
Haldi / Turmeric Powder : ½ tsp
Oil : 1 tblsp
Salt to taste. 
Water as needed
Oil for deep frying the bajias.

In my locality we get the raw jackfruit all cleaned and cut into huge chunks while purchasing. But if you don’t get it, just slice off the spiked skin portion of the jackfruit and the center pith and then cut them to pieces. See to it that you oil your hands and the knife as jackfruit is sticky and has a rubber like liquid oozing out while cutting the same. Cut them into pieces, wash well and put them in a pressure cooker pan with enough water to cook the same. Again see to it that you brush some oil on the inside of the pressure cooker to prevent the jackfruit from sticking to the base of the cooker pan. Pressure cook the jackfruit to one whistle only. It does not take much time in cooking and we don’t want it too mashed up. So plz. be careful while adding the water. About one cup is more than enough. Let the pressure drop on its own. Once able to open the lid, do so and allow to cool a little bit. Once it has cooled down gently strain off excess water by tilting the pan and then with crush them a bit with the help of a light weight and mash them all over gently.  Do not make them mushy, just crush a little bit to flaky texture. I have enclosed a picture for proper understanding.

Slice off the edges of onions and peel off the outer skin. Slice the onions lengthwise. Put them on a plate and separate them with hands so that they are separate lengthwise strips. Check the picture posted below.

Put the sliced onions and the cooked and mashed raw jackfruit in a wide bowl. Toss them both together well to mix them well. Now add in ¾ quantity of besan / gram flour, rice powder, hing powder, red chilly powder, haldi powder, coriander seeds and salt to taste. Add in 1tblsp of hot and Mix all together loosely. Now add in half a cup of water and mix all the ingredients together. Keep sprinkling water and mixing the ingredients till you get a well coated onions and raw jackfruit mixture. Do not add water in one go towards the end. The texture should be thick and the paste should not be runny. The paste should just about coat the ingredients. That’s all. This is not a dipping in batter sort of bajo / bajia. But to get them crispy the texture should be thick and sticky. If necessary sprinkle some more besan flour that was kept aside earlier and mix well together. I have enclosed a picture for better understanding. You may add in any other spice of your choice too. You can also add in either ground garlic or garlic powder, it gives an awesome garlic flavour. 

Heat plenty of oil in a thick bottomed kadai for deep frying. When the oil reaches smoking point lower the heat to medium and wait for a 2-3 mins before you add on the prepared mixture. Take a handful of the mixture and drop it into the oil carefully, seeing to it that as you drop a few at a time separately into small bunches. Do not add it in larger bunches in one go, else the will all get clubbed together and you will not get separate bajias and also they will not get cooked from within. Do not overcrowd the kadai too. Be careful as the oil is hot. Keep distance when you do this. Raise the heat to medium to high and let the mixture get cooked undisturbed till you see them shrinking a little bit. Gently with the help of a ringed spatula flip them over to fry them on the other side to. After a few minutes keep stirring them often to evenly fry them. This will take some time as kurkuri / crispies take more time to get fried than bajias. 

When they are evenly browned, strain through the ringed spatula, remove and put them on an absorbent paper for excess oil to drain off. Repeat with the remaining mixture in similar procedure till all the mixture has been taken care off. Serve them hot with Dal-Chawal or as a snack or starter. Tastes very yummy and crispy / kurkuri. You can increase or decrease the level of spiciness as per your taste. Enjoy this “Cripsy Raw Jackfruit ~ Onion Bajias (Fries) / Kurkuri Kadgi ani Piyava Bajo” with family and friends. You are sure to have demand for more. Do send in mail in response to my dishes tried out by you. It's always a pleasure to get feedback. It not only encourages and motivates me to do that much more but helps me if there are flaws too. 

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