Monday, May 22, 2017

Lady’s Finger Garlic Fry / Bhenda Talasani.

Lady’s Finger (Okra) Garlic Fry / Bhenda Talasani …. A simple Konkani Saraswat Style Stir Fry dish with the added goodness of garlic / losun / lehsun … Tastes awesome … Goes well with Dalitoy-Rice or even with Roti …... 

Bhendi / Lady’s Finger / Okra / Bendekayi or Bhenda as we say it in Konkani is a favorite of almost every Indian. Though a little bit slimy, if cooked well it turns out into a lip smacking bhaji / upkari. There are so many dishes that can be prepared with this versatile vegetable that I really wish I could keep adding them on everyday here to share with all of you. Bhendi is an alkaline vegetable, full of calcium benefits and is very good for health.

There are innumerable benefits of this vegetable and children love them very much. Simple bhaji or upkari prepared with bhendi makes the meal that much more appealing. Easy to prepare, this veggie hardly takes much of time to cook. When cooked with care taking certain precautions, it does not turn up slimy too. So go ahead and add this on to your daily diet as the vegetable is a storehouse of nutrients in itself. This one is a very simple dish but yummilicious too. 

Ingredients :
Lady’s Finger / Bhendi : 250 gms.
Red Chillies : 4-5
Garlic / Lesun : 12-15 
Turmeric / Haldi Powder : ½ tsp
Oil : 2 tblsp
Salt to taste. 

Clean and rinse the bhendi under running water. Allow them to drain off completely or you may pat it dry with a thick towel to remove the excess water content. This is very important, so see to it that the bhendies do not have any trace of water left on them. 

Snip off the ends off the bhendies and cut them vertically into 4 strips, then cut them into 2 inch pieces horizontally. Do this with all the bhendies and keep them ready aside. You can also cut them into 1/2 inch pieces of horizontal cuts. I am including both pictures of different styled cuts, you may choose any you like.  

Heat the oil in a thick bottomed kadai, when hot add in the peeled garlic into it and fry till they turn slightly brownish in colour (cut the garlic lengthwise into two if large sized). Now add in the red chillies cut into medium sized pieces and fry for a second. Add in haldi powder stir a bit and then add in the cut bhendi / Lady’s finger and mix well. Lower the heat to minimum, cover with a tight lid and cook for 3-4 minutes. Now remove the lid, add salt to taste, mix well and again cover with a tight lid and cook till almost done.

Do not stir the bhendies too often as then they turn out sticky / slimy. Allow them to cook on slow fire covered with a tight lid. It will get cooked in the steam created within. But, If you find the bhendi is too dry and sticking to the bottom of the kadai which usually it does not, but in case it does, then sprinkle some water, mix well and then allow to cook till done. Remove and serve hot as an accompaniment with dishes of your choice.

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