Monday, May 8, 2017

Happolu (Red Chilly Papad) ~ Boondi Kismuri.

Happolu (Red Chilly Papad) ~ Boondi Kismuri …. A delicious side dish that can be served as a sort of crispy salad with Dal-Chawal or Peja / Kanji / Rice Porridge … Yummy Yumz .....

Happla Kismuri is a salad sort of dish common in Konkani Saraswat houses served with either Dal-Chawal as a side dish or with peja / kanji / rice porridge. This is more relished at dinner with a little bit of pickle and peja. Tastes simply awesome during the season of monsoon. This is a sort of salad that is prepared and served immediately on prepared. Happala Kismuri that is generally prepared is a simple dish that needs red chilly papads to be roasted and crushed. To this finely chopped onion and grated coconut is added. Tastes simply awesome. Today, however, I prepared this happla kismuri mixing in boondi accidentally and I really wondered why I had never thought of this before. The taste was simply awesome. It so happened that when I went on to prepare this to my dismay I found that there were only 4 happolu available which was not enough. It was already late in the night and all stores had shut down. I had already chopped the onions and kept them ready. So I was really wondering what to do at last minute, while my eyes fell on the boondi packed that I had purchased a few days back to add in to paani poori. As usual my, imagination ran riot, my eyes lit up and my brains thought why not ? So went ahead and added in the boondi to the kismuri. Yummy yumz. Sure to prepare this often now.

Roast or Microwave 5-6 red chilly papads / happolu and crush them to coarse powder mixture. For doing it I just put them in a brown paper bag or between paper sheets and then roll the rolling pin / lattoni over it a few times till they are coarsely powdered. Collect the coarsely powdered papad in bowl. That’s the easiest and commonly used method. I always roast them on Microwave. You may follow the gas method or even deep fry them in hot oil. You can also powder them and store them in airtight container and use the same within 2-3 days as suitable to you. It does remain fresh. 

Peel of the skin of one large or 2 medium sized onion and cut them into fine pieces. Also freshly grate about ¼ cup, the top white portion of coconut and keep that ready aside too. Add in both the onion pieces and the coconut to the papad pieces in the bowl. Add in about 100 gms of salted boondi and mix well. Salted boondi is freely available in stores. Garnish with 3 tblsp of finely chopped coriander leaves and 1 tblsp of finely chopped pudina leaves. Lastly add 1 tblsp of coconut oil (Optional), a little bit of freshly squeezed lemon juice and serve immediately. There is no need of adding in salt to this salad as the papad and the boondi are both salted and have enough salt content in them. However, You may taste and check and add in to taste if you find it necessary. Goes very well with peja / kanji / gangi oota / rice porridge. I served this with red boiled rice peja and it tasted simply heavenly. 

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