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Tarno Bibbe Upkari / Fresh Cashew Nut Bhaji.

"Tarno Bibbe Upkari / Fresh Cashew Nut Bhaji" .... One of the most famous dish from Amchi (GSB / Konkani Saraswats) Cuisine that is loved by young and old alike .... Goes very well with puffed poori / roti / paratha / Dal-Chawal ...... Yumz .....

Fresh Cashew Nuts (Tarno / Tender Bibbo) are available in plenty during it’s season from March to May in Southern parts of India. These are also called Bibbo in konkani's and the upkari / baji prepared with this is sort of lifeline of GSB Konkani Saraswats. During season they are dried under sunlight with their skin on and then stored in airtight dabbas / tins and used as and when needed for the curry. These cashew nuts be it fresh or dried variety has to be soaked in water for 6-8 hours or overnight and then once softened the outer skin has to be removed. 

The skin can be easily peeled off when soaking method is followed. I still remember, during childhood days how Mom used to make us sit and peel off the skins. Ha ha ... a few would inevitable go inside our mouth.  Now however, we use the readily available cashew nuts without skin for lack of availability and time. But the one’s with skin, soaked and peeled of when used in upkari or curries has a unique taste of its own that lacks in the readily available one’s. 

My recent trip to Mangalore and an outing in the Market made me come across these fresh one’s as it’s the season now. So I just bought some to prepare the curries that tastes awesome with these fresh ones. I have already posted bibbe upkari before with the addition of tendle / tondli / Ivy gourd. However, this time as I had bought lots of fresh cashew nuts I prepared them as it is without addition of any other veggies. Yummy. Nostalgic …. These are simply great with hot puffed pooris. The method remain the same, but I have repeated it again and also posted the link of the one with addition of tondli at the bottom of this recipe. Do check in for the same. 

Ingredients : 
Fresh Cashew Nuts : About 50. 
Mustard Seeds : 1 tsp. 
Red chillies : 4-5 
Hing Powder : 1 tsp 
Fresh Curry leaves : 8-10 
Freshly grated coconut : 1 large tablespoon.
Oil : 1 tblsp.

Soak cashew nuts in warm water for 6-8 hrs or overnight. 

Next day or after 8 hrs. the skin will have loosened. If not loosened leave it aside for some more time. But do not keep it over 12 hrs. Well by then it def. will have loosened. Peel them off and wash them in plenty of clean water. 

Put the cashew nuts in a pressure cooker pan with about 1 cup of water and pressure cook to 2 whistles. Let the pressure cooker cool a bit. Say 5-7 minutes. Release the pressure through the vent gently with the help of tongs and open the pressure cooker pan. 

This is done to further arrest the cooking of cashew nuts so that they remain cooked firm but not mushy. Do not overcook or add more water, otherwise it will become too soft.

In a thick bottomed kadai heat oil, add mustard seeds, when they begin to crackle add in chopped red chillies, hing powder and the curry leaves. Fry for a min. and then add in the cooked cashew along with whatever water is remained while cooking. Mix well add salt to taste, cover and cook on medium heat for 5 minutes. 

Lastly add the fresh grated coconut, mix well and serve hot with pooris. If there is excess water raise the heat and cook stirring in between till most of the water evaporates. Serve hot with Poori or Roti. 

For Bibbe Upkari / Cashews Gherkins Bhaji Recipe, Please follow the link given below …..

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