Sunday, April 30, 2017

Pudina (Mint Leaves) ~ Dhania (Coriander Leaves) ~ Bimbul Green Chutney Served With Idly (Urad Dal~Idly Rava).

Pudina (Mint Leaves) ~ Dhania (Coriander Leaves) ~ Bimbul Green Chutney Served With Idly (Urad Dal~Idly Rava) …… A healthy and awesome combination. Both the steamed Idly and the green chutney are filled with goodness … So go ahead and Enjoy the Healthy Breakfast ….

Healthy breakfasts are something every women things off. Breakfast itself means breaking the fast after a gap of at least a minimum 6 – 8 hrs of body rest in the night. The body will have taken a rest through night ie almost an 8 hour without food almost next to fast hence breakfast. The body craves for food, though some people prefer to have a light breakfast. But as per dietitians breakfast being the first food in the morning should be healthy, nutritious and heavy as it has to pull you through the day with full stamina. Some do go light and have a heavy lunch which makes you sleepy. 

Today's generation, works almost round the clock, what with having to travel and the burden off long office hours. Sometime people don’t even find to eat a proper lunch, while some do not like carrying a lunch box and prefer something light snack to just wade away the hunger. That is where a heavy breakfast comes in helpful. Once you have had a good breakfast that too homemade, it will take you through the day with ease and you can just munch on some light snack in between in the office. So go ahead and give priorities to your breakfast. Idly is the best as all you have to do is steam them in the morning, also you can carry a few in lunch box too. 

The batter can be prepared and stored immediately in the fridge on a Sunday ie sure to be a holiday. It will at least last you three days. So does the green chutney. So you are sorted out for 3 days. The next day you can make some variation in the same batter, by either adding in nachani flour or bajra or jwari. I have added in a huge collection of Idly mixes and sure to follow more. Just keep an eye on the blog. If you come across something interesting or any query just send in a mail plz. and I will get back for sure. Go ahead enjoy your breakfast, remember serving children healthy breakfast creates in them a lifelong healthy eating habits. So give that much of importance to a healthy life. 

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