Saturday, April 22, 2017

Jeevi Kadgi Chips / Breadfruit Wafers

“Jeevi Kadgi Chips / Breadfruit Wafers” ...… Fresh ~ Crunchy Wafers (Chips) made out of Breadfruit (Jeevi Kadgi) an all-time favourite ...... for evening snack ...… Yummy Yumz ...... 

Jeevi Kadgi / Breadfruit is a tropical veggie available in plenty in coastal area of southern Asiatic countries. This is abundantly available in southern part of Indian during season. There are so many varieties of dishes that can be prepared with Jeevi Kadgi (in konkani) / Breadfruit (in English). This is an oval shaped seasonal veggie with a thin textured light green skin. The flesh within is soft and slightly sweetish. Almost all GSB Konkani Saraswats are familiar with this fruit. Bajia / bajo or podi (Fries) / wafers (chips) are the most sought after dishes prepared from jeevi kadgi. Young and old love them alike. I have already posted bajia, podi, curry dishes before and would have loved to add on some more to the list. As it is not available in my vicinity, I really cannot do justice to this vegetable the amount on which I could otherwise have done. 

Though it is available in Southern Stores in Mumbai, it has to be booked in advance and a little bit far or should I say out of the way from my place. Though sometimes very rarely I do manage to get the same. As I have already mentioned, my trip to Mangalore this time yielded in loads of items, I missed making. I brought many jeevi kadgi and bimbul and now busy with preparing different items of the same. Will try my level best to prepare different dishes and share the same here. I have almost emptied the breadfruit / jeev kadgi I brought, but for just half a piece more. So decided to prepare wafer / chips out of the same. These are similar to banana wafers / chips. Tastes awesome. Wish I really had some more, just got enough to taste before the lot was over in a jiffy. Here is the simple recipe for all of you to enjoy with family and friends.

Slice off the skin portion of the breadfruit / jeevi kadgi as thinly as possible and discard it. Cut the breadfruit in the center horizontally and then vertically to get four quarters of the breadfruit. Remove the center pith and discard the same. Now slice them into thin slices using banana wafers slicer. Do not do all at one go, as they may discolor. 

Heat plenty of oil for deep frying in a thick bottomed kadai. Meanwhile in a small bowl add in 2 tsp of salt with ¼ cup of water, mix well and keep it ready. When the oil is smoking hot, lower the heat to medium and wait for a few minutes. Then add in the sliced breadfruit / jeevi kadgi in batches. See to it that you do not over crowd the kadai, increase the heat and fry the slices till light brown in colour. Now add in a teaspoon of the prepared salt water. Do not stand close to the kadai at any point of the frying time. The oil may splutter and if you are not used to this method, it may scare you or you may burn yourself. So be very careful. Continue frying till crisp and brown. Remove and put it in a plate layered with absorbent paper. 

Continue with remaining slices in similar pattern. Keep the heat constant on high till you finish all frying the batches of jeevi kadgi. But if you find that the slices are getting burnt too fast, lower the heat a little bit. The heat level is a judgement that should be made by you while deep frying depending upon how fast the chips are getting frying. Each batch should get cooked for about 3-4 minutes. That’s all. This is a trial and error method. The first batch always is a little bit difficult and give you the judgement of both the heat of oil and how fast the breadfruit will get cooked. So from the next batch onward it’s a breeze work and also the chips are done faster. 

Put the fried wafers / chips in an air tight container and cover once they have cooled down completely. Remains good for about a week or so. But the question is will they ever remain ?? In my home they are vanished withing 2 days. Also I never prepare anything in bulk I prefer to prepare things fresh and finish them off withing 4-5 days, so that I can keep trying new dishes, new methods and off course new variations. After all life is simply beautiful when you share good food with good friends and family. So go ahead and prepare these awesome wafers if breadfruit is available at your vicinity. You will love them much more than the branded wafers available in the market. I so detest the potato chips available nowadays in the market and worry about the outcome on health when I see children relishing them. They are topped with chemical powders to retain the crispiness. Well all I can say is do see to it that you prepare as much as possible at home so that you indulge clean habits in kids. After all today’s generation is tomorrow's future. And placing a strong foundation for tomorrow’s future is in today’s generation hand. 

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