Saturday, April 15, 2017

Chilled Bimbul Juice.

"Chilled Bimbul / Bimbli Juice" ...... During my recent trip to Mangalore, I brought lots of bimbul ...... So I am on a bimbul dish spree ..... lot's more to follow ..... Till then Enjoy this Chilled Bimbul Juice to beat the Mumbai heat ..... It's Sweet ~ Spicy ~ Tangy ..... Yummy Yumz ..... 

Bimbul is the konkani name for Averrhoa bilimbi, commonly known also known as bilimbi, is a sour, tangy, pulpy juicy fruit which is abundantly available in the Coastal Karnataka regions. We GSB Konkani Saraswat’s love this fruit very much and use it abundantly in curries and in preparation of patrado etc. During my recent trip to Mangalore, I got a large bag full of the same from a relative who has a tree full of bunches of bimbuls hanging on in their garden. Oh. I happily carried and brought the lot to Mumbai along with me and now as you know I am on a Bimbul preparation dish spree. My mind is roaming about like a rocket searching and digging for recipes. Some traditional, some prepared with variations and some my very own, like this juice. I just went about preparing this juice on my own method and added on whatever I could catch on into the mixer and Viola the juice was really a thirst quencher. Do try this out this easy to prepare juice if you have access to bimbul in your vicinity and like sour juices. Its simply yumz. Do remember to serve it chilled.

Ingredients :
6-8 large sized fresh Bimbul / Bimbli / Bilimbi
½ cup of Sugar
½ tsp Kala Namak
2-3 Fresh Ajwain (Oam) Leaves 
½ - 1 tsp Pepper powder
1 tsp Dry ginger powder
¼ tsp Cardamom powder
¼ tsp Dalchini powder
Chilled Water or Ice Cubes.

Wash, wipe and snip of the ends of the bimbul / bimbli and cut them into pieces. Put them into mixer grinder and add in sugar, kala namak, chopped fresh ajwain / oavam / vonvo leaves, pepper powder, dry ginger powder, cardamom powder, dalchini powder along with a glass of chilled water. Grind all to a very smooth paste. Sieve through a large holed sieve. Add in 2-3 glasses of chilled water or some ice cubes and water and mix well. Check for sweetness, if desired add in some sugar and mix well. The amount of sugar always depends upon individual taste and preferences. Serve chilled in glasses with some ice cubes to beat the heat. Tastes awesome. 

** Note : You can also add grated jaggery / goda / bella instead of sugar while grinding the ingredients for juice.

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