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Breadfruit + Potato + Fresh Cashew Nuts + Bimbul Curry With Fried Fresh Coconut

Jeevi Kadgi + Batato + Tarno Bibbo + Bimbula Ghalnu "Soyi Bajjunu Gashi" / Breadfruit + Potato + Fresh Cashew Nuts + Bimbul "Curry With Fried Fresh Coconut" .... This is a semi dry dish that is medium spicy with an awesome flavour of breadfruit (jeevi kadgi). The addition of Fresh / Tarno Bibbo (Tender / Fresh Cashew Nuts), Potatoes and Bimbul makes it much more delicious. A lovely and tasty Amchi dish that is a favourite with all Konkani Saraswats .... Yummy Yumz …

I have already posted this dish long time back but with a different combination’s. So I will add in only the recipe now without running into the details. The only difference in this dish is I have added in Bimbul for sourness instead of tamarind. Bimbul is a vegetable fruit found largely in southern parts of India. During my recent trip to Mangalore I brought in lots of this edible veggies that imparts different sort of sourness to the dish. I have added in a picture of bimbul for proper understanding as I am not aware of its other names. If however, bimbul is not available you can prepare the same with hogplum / starfruit or tamarind. Also this time round I dry fried the grated coconut in Microwave instead of doing it on kadai with a little bit of oil. This method not only saves time but effort of stirring too. You can also refer to the usually prepared method too of which I will give a link below at the bottom of the recipe for reference.

I have used fresh cashew nuts as it is the season now and they are available in plenty. I have used large sized ones that I got from Mangalore during my recent trip. You get them in Mumbai too, however they are very small in size. But the procedure is the same. You can use the dried cashews too, just refer to my link posted below on similar recipe for procedure of the same. 

Wash and soak about 25 fresh cashew nuts with skin in lukewarm water for 5-6 hours. The skin gets loosened, if not leave it aside for another few hours. Peel off the skin from the cashew nuts and wash them well under running water. Keep this ready aside.

Heat ¼ tsp of oil in a kadai, when hot add in 1 tblsp of urad dal and fry on low heat till it’s colour changes slightly, then add in 2 tsp of coriander seeds and further fry for just a minute. Add in 2 tblsp of kashmiri mirchi (Chilly) powder and mix well. Remove and keep aside. 

In a microwave safe bowl add in 1 heaped cup of finely grated fresh coconut and microwave on high for 3 minutes. Mix well and further microwave it on high for another 2 minutes, mix well and further microwave for an minute. By now the coconut gratings will have turned into slightly brownish colour. If not continue procedure at a gap of a minute till evenly browned. Remove and put it in a mixer grinder along with the fried urad dal – coriander – chilly powder and grind to a smooth paste with just about enough water. Do not at any point add in more water as we need a thick gravy masala for this dish.

Slice of the outer skin of one medium sized breadfruit (about 500 gms) as closely to the fleshy part as possible. Cut them into large triangular chunks after removing the center sticky pith. 

Peel of the skin of 2 medium sized potatoes and cut them also into big cubes. 

Wash and trim off the sides of about 6-8 medium sized bimbul. Cut them into 4-5 pieces in ring shape. Keep this ready aside.

Take a pressure cooker pan, first add in the cashew nuts in a layer, then the potatoes and finally the bread fruit pieces. Add in about 1 cup of water and pressure cook to one whistle only. Remove and let rest for 5 minutes or so. Then slowly release the pressure with the help of tongs and then remove the lid of the cooker. Let the steam pass off completely. Be careful while doing this step by staying away from the cooker. You may get hurt if the steam hits you. This method is followed to arrest further cooking of the ingredients in the pressure cooker. 

Put the masala in a thick bottomed kadai. Add water if necessary to bring to a thick gravy consistency. Add in the bimbul pieces and bring to a boil. Add salt to taste and mix well. Lower the heat to minimum and add in the cooked breadfruit, potatoes and cashew nuts. Mix well, if too dry you can add in some more water. Cover and cook until bubbles appear on top. Keep stirring in between to avoid the curry being burnt/ stuck at the bottom. Remove from fire and keep aside.

For Seasoning: Heat 1 tblsp oil in a small pan, when hot add 1tsp mustard seeds, when they begin to splutter add 10-12 curry leaves and fry for a few minutes. Remove and pour the seasoning over the curry. Cover and keep aside for 15 minutes for the seasoning flavours to seep in. 

Jeevi Kadgi + Batato + Bibbo + Bimbula Ghalnu "Soyi Bajjunu Gashi" / Breadfruit + Potato + Cashews + Bimbul "Fried Coconut Medium Spicy Curry" is now ready to be served. This is a semi dry dish and goes very well with Roti / Dal-rice or even Crispy Dosas. Enjoy this dish hot with your family and friends. Breadfruit gives an awesome flavour to the dish and if it is available in your vicinity do try out this recipe. I assure you it is a hit with all the people, young and old alike. 

** For Jeevi Kadgi + Batato + Bibbo + Bikkanda ghalnu "Soyi Bajjunu Gashi" / Breadfruit + Potato + Cashews + Jackfruit Seeds "Fried Coconut Medium Spicy Curry" Recipe, Please follow the link given below …….

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