Thursday, March 16, 2017

Spicy Hirwya Mirchi ~ Dhania Cha Thecha

Spicy Hirwya Mirchi ~ Dhania Cha Thecha ….. An awesome spicy and chatpata Maharashtrian dry chutney sort of dish served with Jawari or Bajra Bhakri ….. I however, served this with my very own combination of Mixed Rice and Moong Dal Bhakri …… Yummy … Sheer Delight …. Loads of Thanks to Suresh Sawant ji for not only passing on the authentic recipe but also by promptly sending me the same on request late in the day …..

Thecha or kharda is an Authentic Maharashtrian chatpata dish prepared either with green or red chillies along with garlic and peanuts. A spicy classic Maharastrian accompaniment along with some bhakri made with either Jawari or Bajra. I had tasted this a few times at my friends home, but somehow could never come about to prepare the same, as I cannot eat something this spicy. Hubby however, simply loves it and was always pressurizing me to do the same and I was just pushing it aside giving excuses. Finally one fine day he just came home with some large less spicy green chillies (Jalapeno) and asked me to prepare Thecha with them saying it would not turn up spicy. I went on search for the recipe from net and then friends. Almost all were similar with minute changes. All this searching for recipe, made me irritated, tired and in no mood to do the same. I had already soaked rice and moong dal to prepare bhakri another dish of my own concoction. On reaching home late at around 8 PM, I ground the bhakri batter first. All way through while grinding the same my mind was on my hubby’s request of Thecha. I thought why not prepare it and have them along with these bhakri’s. But then which method to follow was the delima. 

Finally I thought of asking my friend from food culinary world, who is an expert in Maharshtrian dishes, Suresh Sawant for the same. But the thought that it was late, by now it was nearing 9 PM, made me hesitate to bother him. But finally the desire to prepare Thecha won over and I message him reluctantly. I got an immediate reply saying he would send me the same once he reaches home as he was on his way. Ooops… I thought, now I had troubled him. But, I got the recipe messaged to me before 10 PM by him and I must thank him for being such a good friend and obliging to my request ……. Thank You Sureshji for your prompt help. When I went through the recipe all ingredients were there at home and the recipe was an easy one too. I just made some minute changes by adding in more of garlic and coriander leaves. Rest is before you …. By the time hubby came home for dinner, he had a surprise ….. yep …. Hirwya Mirchi ~ Dhania Thecha with Mixed rice and Moong dal bhakri for dinner …. The happiness in his face was absolutely worth it. I have not made much changes in the recipe, very minute one’s by adding just more of garlic and dhania leaves. 

Ingredients :
Green Chillies / Hirwya Mirchi : 7-8 large one’s 
Garlic / Losun : 10 – 12 peeled and chopped.
Coriander / Dhania leaves : 1 cup (picked, cleaned and chopped)
Coconut : ¼ cup freshly grated.
Sesame seeds / White Til : 2 tblsp ~ roasted
Peanuts / Groundnuts / Shengdana : ¼ cup roasted.
Salt to taste
Lemon / Nimboo : ½ - 1
Oil : 1 tsp

Heat a kadai, when hot add in the green chillies chopped to pieces and roast it dry till the colour starts to change. Add garlic, coconut and fry for a minute and then add in peanuts, sesame seeds and further roast for few minutes. 

Lastly add in the coriander leaves and mix well. Add in salt to taste and oil and further fry for a few minutes. Remove and put it on a plate and allow to cool.

When cool enough put all the fried ingredients into a mixer and grind to a coarse texture. Remove the ground mixture into a bowl. Add in freshly squeezed juice of half lemon. You can add more if desired, however check the level of seasoning before adding. Mix well, Hirwya Mirchi ~ Dhania Thecha is ready to be served. Serve it with any bhakri of your choice. 

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