Thursday, March 9, 2017

Grilled Cheese Egg Sandwich With Coriander Curry Leaves Chutney.

Grilled Cheese ~ Masala Egg Scramble Sandwich With Coriander ~ Curry Leaves Coconut Chutney ..... A Sandwich that will not only fill your tummy full but will keep you going for hours ...... Totally Yumz ...

Preparation of Sandwiches are breeze work if you have all the items ready with you, especially if you come home tired after a long day’s work and are in no mood to cook a meal / dinner. A light dinner or grilled sandwich is a very great way of relaxing and ending the day with a happy note …. I mean tummy full. Dhania / Coriander Chutney is something I usually have in my fridge. I make it a point to prepare it on a regular basis so that I am able to cope up with dishes in a jiffy. At least if I am aware I will be busy for a few days, then I surely see to it that I prepare it way ahead and keep it in freezer. Cheese is again always stocked up in the freezer so no worries on that front. Ketchup too again follows in the same line. Eggs are also most of the time stored in my fridge. All that I need would be bread, which is usually available till wee hours in most of the vicinities. When I had prepared Masala Egg Scramble, I had kept aside some of it in the fridge to add on to the sandwich later on. So most of my requirements were handy. But that really was an awesome Cheesy Grilled Sandwich with the addition of scrambled eggs. Yummy. Do make this one and Enjoy with family and friends. 

Apply the Dhania ~ Curry Leaves Coconut Chutney on the top side of the bread slices facing upwards. Now keep some sliced pieces tomatoes and cucumber on them. Do not topple a lot Now place a cheese slice on top to it. The cheese slice should be the same slice of the bread or else you can cut it to the required shape. Apply tomato ketchup to a slice of bread and keep it on top of the cheese taking care to see that the ketchup side is on the facing down side that is on top of the cheese. 

Now apply chutney on the top side of that slice of bread and top it with a large tablespoon of Masala Egg Scramble and spread in as a layer. Again apply tomato ketchup to a slice of bread and place it inverted covering the egg mixture. This way you have tired up a sandwich with chutney ~ ketchup ~ cheese ~ egg scramble sandwich with three slices of bread. Now apply softened butter / or melted ghee (Clarified butter) on top and bottom of the tired / clubbed sandwich and place it on the electric grilled sandwich maker and grill until evenly browned on both sides. 

Remove and keep it aside. Cut it into 2 or 4 triangles with a serrated knife. Prepare the required amount of clubbed / three layered sandwiches with the remaining bread slices and cut them also into triangles. Serve hot with additional tomato ketchup if required to dip on or as it is. Tastes really awesome. 

** Note : Tomato Ketchup and sliced cheese were store bought.

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