Thursday, March 30, 2017

Fresh Curry Leaves Powder.

Fresh Curry Leaves Powder ….. Curry leaves / Kadi Patta / Karbevu (In konkani) is a natural flavouring agent added to Indian dishes. Commonly used as seasoning (panna) this leaf occupies a major place in our kitchen ........

Curry Leaves need no introduction to any Indian world wide. This aromatic leaf is used by one and all almost everyday in their kitchen while preparing dishes. It’s an important part of Indian Cuisine. But there is more to this leaf. It is packed with carbohydrates, fiber, calcium, phosphorous, irons and vitamins like vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin E, and many more healthy nutrients. I just powder the leaves in bulk and store it. You can add it to buttermilk, chutney or any other dish of your choice. You can also just gulp a tsp of the powder with water too or just spice it up and mix with oil and serve with dosa or idly. 

Curry leaves are abundantly available in India. It has immense health and medical properties and is very useful in preparation of many items, be it in curries or preparation of oil for hair. It is a natural flavouring agents which makes your food both healthy and tasty along with pleasing aroma. It is said that curry leaves help your heart function better, fights infections and can enliven your hair and skin with vitality. There are innumerable health and skin benefits by using of curry leaves. I can assure you that it is a treasure house that can be used in many ways. Be it application of hair oil, face packs or consuming it in different dishes. I will not run into the details of the same as I do not want to endorse anything that I have no authority to. You can check up the details on net. But if you have serious health issue do consult your Doctor before consuming the same. 

How to Powder Curry Leaves : Simple. If you have access to the tree that much better as the purity is assured. But if not you can always purchase them through your vegetable vendor. Once in few months I buy about a kilogram (Kg) of these curry leaves from my vegetable vendor as I have no access to this plant. I separate the leaves from the stems and put them in plenty of water and wash them well. Put them on a colander and allow the excess water to drain off completely. Shuffle a bit now and then for easy draining off water. Then I spread the leaves evenly on a thick towel overnight to completely dry. Now there are two method in which you can continue the further drying process. You can either put them in sunlight till they are dried crisp or microwave them. I microwave them till they are crispy. It hardly takes 5-8 minutes for a kg. Also putting it out to dry, is not possible for me and there is always the problem of dust or dirt sticking to them too. 

Once the curry leaves are crispy and brittle remove and allow to cool a little bit say 5 minutes. The timings however, differ from over to oven. Now put them in a dry mixer grinder seeing to it that there is no trace of water in the mixer jar and blade. Grind it to a fine powder. Remove and store it in a plastic or glass container. Put it in the fridge and it remains good for long time. You this powder as and when you want to prepare any particular dish. Best way to consume is put a tsp of this powder in 2 cups of buttermilk, add in ½ tsp of green chilly paste, 1 tsp of hing water, salt to taste, some ajwain and mix well. Add in some crushed ice pieces, garnish with coriander leaves and drink it. Good for health …. Good for digestion. You can add in some grated ginger too. 

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