Monday, February 6, 2017

Surna (Yam) Tambude.

Surna (Yam) Tambude ..... This is a spicy dish with a dash of sweetness curry prepared with Yam .... I have give this a little bit of twist with the addition of coconut ..... Goes well with Dalitoy (Spiced Tuvar Dal) and Rice or Roti ..... Yumz ....

Surna (Yam) tambude is an old traditional Konkani Saraswat dish / sort of pickle that is served as a sidedish as an accompaniment with other dishes. This goes very well with Dalitoy (Spiced Tuvar Dal) and rice. Also goes very well with chapati / roti. This is a spicy ~ tangy and sweet dish. The suran is usually cut into small pieces for the same. That way also it tastes very good. This time I cut them into medium sized cubes as I wanted to serve them as side dish with dal-rice. As the dish is usually served in place of pickle along with many dishes served during festive time. As it is spicy-sweet and tangy it’s sort of a tongue teaser and gives an uplift to your appetite. I am sure this is a dish that will go on very well when served to guest as an accompaniment to roti or poori. Do try out at let me know if your family enjoyed the same. 

Slice off the muddy portions on the sides of the yam and cut them into medium sized cubes. Wash them in plenty of water. In a kadai add the suran with about one cup of water and bring to boil on medium heat. Mix well, lower the heat to minimum, cover with a lid and let the suran cook. Keep checking and mixing gently so that all the suran pieces get evenly cooked. When the suran is cooked about 80% remove and keep it aside.

For Masala : In a small kadai heat 1 tblsp of oil, when hot lower the heat, add on 1 tsp of methi seeds, 2 tsp of coriander seeds, ½ tsp mustard seeds, 1 tsp hing powder, ½ tsp haldi powder, 10-12 red kashmiri red chillies and fry for a few minutes. Now add in ½ cup of freshly grated coconut and fry well. Addition of coconut is optional as the original recipe does not call for it. I add it to give bulk to the recipe as in my home we like a little bit of gravy to curries, tambudes, koota etc. Remove and put it in a mixer grinder add a small lemon sized tamarind and grind to a fine paste. 

Add the ground masala along with 50-75 gms of grated jaggery to the cooked suran and mix well and bring to a boil, lower heat, add salt to taste, mix well and let simmer for 5 minutes. Done. Remove and keep it aside.

For Tempering : In a small pan, add 1 tsp of oil, when hot add in 1 tsp of mustard seeds, when they begin to splutter add in 8-10 curry leaves and pour over the curry. Cover the kadai with a lid and let remain aside for some time for all the flavours to seep in well. 

Serve Surna tambude as an accompaniment along with Dal-Chawal and other dishes during lunch / dinner time. As I have added on some coconut along with the spices the gravy is thicker and this dish can be enjoyed with roti etc. You may choose any method. Leaving out the coconut will give the curry a pickle sort of texture and can be served as the same, in which case make it a bit spicier. 

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