Friday, February 24, 2017

Rava-Sabudana-Bajra Bhakri With Grated Carrots.

"Rava - Sabudana - Bajra Bhakri With grated Carrots and Spices" Served with Lemon Pickle .... Masala Milk and some fresh slices of Pineapple ..... Today being Maha Shivaratri .... it's Simple Satvik Food .... Try it .... tastes awesome .....

Once again I bring another version of bhakri. Bhakri as you all know is a thicker variety of dosa usually made by patting it directly on tava on fire. I have already posted a few methods before. Being very fond of bhakri and I love preparing the same specially during fasting / upvas day. Preparing of bhakri is very easy. It is healthy and very filling too. Bhakri can be prepared and carried in lunch box, as it does not turn out to be limp unlike dosas. Cold bhakri also tastes good though freshly prepared hot ones are definitely better. I keep thinking of adding different types of pulses or vegetables to the bhakri to make it tastier, interesting and something different always. The choices are so many that I hardly get the time to make them all as fast as I think of it. Please do try this version of bhakri, which turned out very spongy and equally tasty. 

Preparing Sabudana : In a large bowl add one cup of large sized variety of sabudana and add about 4-5 cups of water. Leave this covered aside for about 2 hours. Drain off the water completely and leave it aside to swell on its own for another 2-3 hours. In making of this bhakri sabudana is the only ingredient which will have to be prepared in advance. Sabudana should swell properly and look like small white pearls for you to get the best spongy effect. So soaking and resting period is very important. You can not add the sabudana directly nor the soaked one immediately as that will not give you the above softness.

Peel the skin of one large or 2 medium sized carrot and grate it on medium sized grater and keep this ready. In a large bowl add 3 cups of ordinary rava (not the very fine chiroti variety), 2 tblsp of curds, 4-6 green chillies cut to into fine pieces, salt to taste, 4 tblsp of Bajra Atta, 1 tblsp grated ginger, 1 tblsp of hing / asafoetida powder, a few leaves of curry leaves also cut finely for aroma (Optional) and one handful of finely cleaned coriander leaves. 

Add in the grated carrot also and mix well adding enough of water to a thick batter. Now add in the prepared sabudana and mix well. Add more or less water depending upon the rava and sabudana remember the batter should be sort of thick dropping consistency. Keep it aside for 15 minutes for all the ingredients to get soaked in and also to swell up and absorb the water properly.

Mix well again the batter so that the mixture is smooth. The texture of this bhakri should be kept a little bit thinner than that of the rolling consistency usually kept for preparing bhakri. This is because sabudana needs a little bit of water to get cooked and soften on getting fried on tava. I have added in a picture of the batter for reference. So neither go overboard nor add in too little of water. We want a very thick batter here of spoon dropping consistency. 

Heat tawa, when hot lower heat, apply some oil and spread it on tava. Take some batter in a rounded spatula and invert it on the tava. The batter should hold without running into water from sides. I have a special slightly dented tava. Its called mini uttappam tava and has seven 1/8 inch deep round dents. Pouring the batter in this gives them uniform shape. Here I would like to mention that bhakri is usually formed into a ball into a ball with hands, put it on the centre of the tawa and gently spread it, by patting it over with wet hands to make a nice round bhakri and fried on both sides. You can follow this method, but I found that little bit of additional water makes the sabudana cook well and give a better texture to the bhakri. You may choose whichever is suitable to you.

Pour oil on sides of the bhakri and a few drop on the top of it. Cook on medium heat till almost done. Now flip over and cook the other side also. The process of making each bhakri will take around 5-7 minutes. Do not cook on high heat, as the bhakri will get burnt and not cooked within. Serve hot with homemade butter, pickle or chutney. You can serve it with Dalitoy too. The same can be prepared without the addition of bajra atta too in which case plz. do add in a little bit of wheat flour to bring to binding consistency. Do check for other recipes on similar lines under the label bhakri. Do prepare this yummy bhakri and enjoy with family and friends. We at home usually refrain only from non-veg, garlic, onion and rice items during fasting days and any other dishes are usually allowed. I prepared these as today as it’s Maha Shivaratri and we fast on this day and only fasting food is allowed. You may prepare this at any time suitable to you. Enjoy.

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