Monday, February 6, 2017

Popsicle ~ With Orange Juice Panak.

Popsicle / Ice Candy prepared using Panak With Orange Juice ...... Dil to abhi bhi baccha hey ..... During Childhood we used glasses to make them and a spoon as the stick .... So prepared them just like that .... Nostalgic .... Sip On And Enjoy ....

Panak is Amchi drink ie a famous Konkani saraswat's drink during festive time. It is a spicy ~ sweet ~ tangy drink prepared with jaggery, dry ginger, lemons etc. This is served during most of the festive times in Southern parts of India. Even in Mumbai during Ganeshotsav 5 day celebrations at GSB Seva Mandal, Kings Circle, its served all the days. The spicy drinks leaves a tingling sense on the tongue for quite some time. Jaggery cubes are prepared with the addition of the spices too in Mangalore called Panaka Goda meaning Jaggery of panak spices. This is very easy, you just bring and melt it in water, chill and enjoy. However, in Mumbai its sometimes difficult to get it though the Mangalore stores in many vicinity do bring them and sell. I however add in the spices and make do the drink myself. Its very easy if you have the ingredients ready. I have already posted the panak drink before. But today I prepared the same by replacing fresh orange juice in place of water. Panak is prepared using jaggery but I have added sugar so that the orange juice colour get retained. 

During festive time in my native place Mangalore ie at the time of Teru / Ratha Saptami / Car Festival .... we children used to enjoy eating candies, oranges, chanbure upkari, pachodi, popsicles and drink loads of panak as we waited on eagerly for ..... Devastana Panna Jevan / Temple Food Served on Plantain Leaves as the Naivedyam .... In Mumbai we miss it so I prepared Panak with a twist and enjoyed the same while I guess my friends enjoyed in Mangalore ... childhood memories are indeed nostalgic. During childhood we siblings even enjoyed eating popsicles / ice candy and used to wait eagerly for the candy man to come ringing the bell pushing the wheel Ice box of candy. But as we grew we started preparing our own ice candies etc and enjoyed them during holidays. Those days we prepared them in small glasses as we did not have ice candy molds at home. Today everything is available and things are much more easier than those days. Even if it was available we did not somehow buy them but made do with whatever we could lay our hands on. The sticks though were available we never purchased them. 

Being the youngest of the house, I was the most pampered of all. My Dad would bring in whatever we asked for and my Mom would prepare the same with so much love even if she was tired, as ours was a large family. God has really been kind to give us such wonderful parents. We were always encouraged to think out of the box though we were all girls and do our own innovations. My parents never stopped us. I loved putting rasna or lime juice in glass and add on a spoon as my candy stick to the same and enjoyed sipping on it. There was a time when I was crazy of Ice candies, I would just pour my share of juice, panak or any other cold drink in my very own tiny glass and put my small spoon in it and put it in the freezer and wait patiently for it to set. I would open the freezer door at least a 100 times to check if it has set to the dismay of my Mom. She would keep telling me …. “Title vaggi jainago, chikkechi raba, kasane avasoru tukka” the phrase in konkani means … “It won’t be set soon, wait a little bit, what’s the hurry” … but I would still keep checking and when I found that it had set, would sit with it on the floor with legs cross folded and the glass also in hand to hold the drippings and enjoy my very own Popsicle / Ice Candy. We siblings really enjoyed our childhood. 

For the Popsicle / Ice Candy : I am sharing the link of the Panak with Orange Juice recipe link below. I have used the same for this Popsicle / Ice Candy. Just poured them in glass and let it set a bit, say for an hour and then gently pricked in the candy stick so that it would stay intact in place without going slant. And then put it back in freezer and yes waited and waited removing the freezer door at least 10 times to check on if it has set. Childhood habits die hard I guess. I have Popsicle molds, but I wanted to somehow live through my childhood fun again so I prepared them in similar manner except for replacing candy stick with spoon. You can use molds. I do use them, but I enjoyed this one too very much. Nostalgic isn’t it. I urge all of you to sometimes forget your age and bring out the child in you once in a way and enjoy what you did in childhood. LOL ….. Karke Dekho Accha Lagega ……. Enjoy..

** For the Panak With Orange Juice Recipe, Please follow the link given below …….

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