Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Green Peas ~ Fenugreek Leaves Pulav.

"Vatana ~ Methi Baath / Green Peas ~ Fenugreek Leaves Pulav" ........ Come Winter and Its both Vatana (Green Peas) and Methi (Fenugreek Leaves) Season now ...... So here comes a medium spicy pulav with the addition of vatana and methi leaves ....

This is a very simple pulav with peas and methi / fenugreek prepared while in season. I cook some spicy non veg curry along with this one. You can prepare this both a little bit bland or spicier. You just have to add in more spices to make it more spicier, but then the pulav actually tastes better a little bit less spicier complemented with a nice spicy curry. This is my take on the pulav you may increase the spices, as this one goes well in children's lunch box too. Onion is an option, which you may add if desired. I have not. Also if taking this off as packed lunch it is that much better without onions. Try this with a spicy dish and your family I assure will love it. Too much spice both in the pulav and the curry ends up finally in too much of spices and is not good for the tummy nor healthy too. Food should always be in good combination too and should always be cooked with love which then will turn everything simply awesome. I have already posted this recipe before where I prepared it in pressure cooker, here I used the normal kadai method. That is the only diff. with other minute changes. You may prepare the pulav in whichever method that is convenient to you. Just check under the Label section for the pressure cooker method if need be. 

Ingredients : 
Basmati / Jeera Rice : 2 Cups.

Green Peas : 2 cups. You can use either fresh or frozen.
Methi Leaves : 1 cup (Packed) finely chopped.

Spices :
Jeera : 2 tsp
Cinnamon : 2” length 4-5 pieces.
Pepper : ½ tsp
Cloves : 1 tsp
Green Cardamoms : 4-5
Black Cardamoms : 5-6
Crushed Jaivitri : ¼ tsp
Star anise : 1 – 2
Bay leaves : 2-3
Curry Leaves : 8-10

Salt to taste.
Ghee : 1 cup

Pick and clean the Methi / Fenugreek leaves. Discard the stems. Only Leaves need to be added. Chop them fine, wash in plenty of water, squeeze out all excess water from the leaves, and keep them ready aside. You will need about 1 heaped cup of washed leaves.

Shell and keep ready green peas ready. In all you will need about 2 cups.

Wash and soak rice for about 20 mins. Wash again, drain in a colander and keep it aside ready. Wash and keep the green peas ready too.

Bring 4 cups of water to a boil and add in the peas if not using frozen and boil till half cooked. Keep this simmering ready aside. If using frozen peas, just wash them and add them while adding in the rice. Now in a thick bottomed pan, add in the 1 cup of ghee. When hot, lower the heat and add in Jeera, Pepper, Green Cardamoms, Black Cardamoms, Crushed Jaivitri, Star anise, Bay leaves, Curry Leaves and fry for a few minutes.

Now add in the drained rice and mix well. Add in the prepared methi / fenugreek leaves and green peas along with the boiling water with salt to taste. Mix all well and bring to a boil for 3-4 minutes. Now lower the heat to minimum and cover with a tight lid. Let cook till 70% done.

Remove the lid, mix well and again cover and cook till done. Once done remove from heat and keep aside for 5-10 minutes. Open and allow the heat to pass away, wait for few minutes, for the accumulated heat to pass away. This will see to it that when you mix the pulav does not mash up. Now just mix the pulav once to get uniformed pulav with the help of a large fork. Serve this pulav hot with any spicy curry. Tastes simply yumz.

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