Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Crab Green Curry With Vatana ~ Methi Pulav.

Rich And Spicy Crab Green Curry With Vatana ~ Methi Pulav ..... An awesome combination of crab curry served with pulav ..... Simply Bliss …… Yumz …

Over transit of time I had almost forgotten this dish. How time flies one never knows. This curry was one of our Favorited, but over time as my job commitments took over more of my time I could not get enough time to pursue my hobby of cooking. Also the craze for crabs had somehow dimished. Shifting of residence made it more difficult to get hold of crabs years back. I had to go to the main fish market to bring them. One thing led to another. Excuses … Excuses … Well I thought enough of it … had to fall back on track. So dug out all my old recipes and found this one grinning on my face. Rest is history. 

Went ahead and prepared this curry after buying in some crabs. Well touch wood now I do get most of the fishes in my vicinity. Uffff … that has made life simpler. I had some green peas and methi leaves so decided make some pulav out of it. The pulav I kept on a little milder side, so that it would compliment well with the spicy crab curry. I always prepare less spiced pulav to go along with spicy curries as we do not like too strong masalas in our rice dishes also if both the curries are high on spices, somehow we South Indians find that very difficult to digest. So here is my combo of rich spicy crab green curry served with vatana methi pulav. Go ahead and enjoy the combination. Its too good.


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