Monday, February 6, 2017

Chilled Panak With Orange Juice.

"Chilled Panak With Orange Juice" ..... A Sweet ~ Spicy ~ Tangy Drink prepared with Orange Juice for a change .... During festive time in my native place Mangalore ie at the time of Teru / Ratha Saptami / Car Festival .... we children used to enjoy eating candies, oranges, chanbure upkari, pachodi, popsicles and drink loads of panak as we waited on eagerly for ..... Devastana Panna Jevan / Temple Food Served on Plantain Leaves the Naivedyam .... In Mumbai we miss it so I prepared Panak with a twist and enjoyed the same while I guess my friends enjoyed in Mangalore .... childhood memories are indeed nostalgic ........

Panak is Amchi drink ie a famous Konkani saraswat's drink during festive time. It is a spicy ~ sweet ~ tangy drink prepared with jaggery, dry ginger, lemons etc. This is served during most of the festive times in Southern parts of India. Even in Mumbai during Ganeshotsav 5 day celebrations at GSB Seva Mandal, Kings Circle, its served all the days. The spicy drinks leaves a tingling sense on the tongue for quite some time. Jaggery cubes are prepared with the addition of the spices too in Mangalore called Panaka Goda meaning Jaggery of panak spices. This is very easy, you just bring and melt it in water, chill and enjoy. However, in Mumbai its sometimes difficult to get it though the Mangalore stores in many vicinity do bring them and sell. I however add in the spices and make do the drink myself. Its very easy if you have the ingredients ready. I have already posted the panak drink before. Panak is prepared using jaggery but I have added sugar so that the orange juice colour get retained. 

Cut large sized 8-10 Oranges into halves. In an electric citrus juicer remove the juice of the oranges and keep it ready aside. You will get about ¾ th liter of juice. Take care that the seeds are not in the juice. If so remove them with a spoon and discard the same. 

Dry fry ½ cup of white sesame / til on a tava. When the til starts to splutter remove it and keep it aside to cool.

In a mixer grinder add in about 300 - 400 gms of sugar, 2 tsp pepper powder, 2 tsp of dry ginger powder, ½ tsp of cardamom powder and half of the fried white til and grind to a fine powder texture. Mix in between to get evenly fine powder. Add in a pinch of orange colour if needed and 1 cup of water and grind all to a smooth paste. 

Add the ground paste to the orange juice along with the remaining fried til and 2 cups of chilled water and mix well. Now add in freshly squeezed juice of 3-4 large sized lemons and mix well. Check the panak for sweetness, if need you can add some more sugar and mix well. Usually panak is prepared with jaggery, but added on sugar to retain the colour of the orange juice lest it turns brown. If you want the panak a bit more spicier you can add a bit more of pepper and ginger powder.

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